One of the most dangerous trails in the world leads to a place you would never have thought of!

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Let’s hope you’re not afraid of dating, because what’s next might make you roll your hands. What you see below is a mountain in China called Hua Shan Mountain. At first glance it seems like an ordinary mountain, but unlike other mountains at its base, you will find a gigantic ansambul of stone stairs, called “The Heavenly Steps.”

huashanThese stairs go so high on the mountain that it is hard to see where it ends. If that wasn’t enough, the precarious stairs lead us to the most dangerous route in the world, hua sha n. The plank trail leads up to Hua Shan Mountain ,located near xi’an town. No one will force you to wear safety, although this fact should be strongly encouraged. The route itself is dangerous and amazing, but what we will find at the top of the mute will really shock you!

The stone stairs themselves, although beautiful, are daunting. And they’re the easiest part of the trail!


However, many people make this journey dangerous for what is found at the top of the mute…


As we climb the rock steps we will pass by small villages and houses that have actually been dug into the mountain.


When we reach the top enough, you can take a gondola to the southern top of the mountain, where the famous route from the planks awaits us.


Here is the moment when the route becomes really dangerous, without any support only a bridge of planks and some chains that you can catch with your hands.


There is almost nothing that could keep you from falling!


There are also portions of the route you have to go through by putting your foot in the holes made especially in the wall of the mountain.


We only poke our palms when we look at this narrow road of scadura stuck to the rock wall!


But if you are brave enough and continue to climb…..


You will find something very beautiful, in the end of this journey full of unforeseen…


On the ridge of the southern peak of the mountain there is an old Taoist Temple that was transformed into a teahouse!


Thousands of people climb this mountain, on the most dangerous route in the world to finally reach a TEAHOUSE!

huashan19So, these people either love to do dangerous trails, or they really like to drink tea…

However, you should visit the teahouse at the top of Hua Shan Mountain!



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