Paramahansa Yogananda – about God

yogananda pray“It is difficult for me to imagine God”- confessed a theology student to Yogananda. “I sought to imagine it as an infinite Intelligence whose principle is ‘I am!’, as the Inner Self, as the Cosmic Root of all that exists. But all these representations seemed so abstract to me. Your conception of God seems very loving to me. How can one reach such a relationship?”

“The first stage is to understand that God does not want your definitions. He only desires your love. Why not then adore the Infinite regarded as the Divine Mother?”

“What a wonderful idea”- exclaimed the student. “But is it really valid?”

“Of course!”
– replied Yogananda. God’s love is reflected in relationships between people. Like the sunlight that causes the countless shards of glass to shine, His love illuminates every atom of creation. The Divine Mother is the prototype of human mothers. Through his parents He takes care of you and protects you. Through your friends, He shows you how love is giving free from all coercion. I feel much closer to the maternal aspect of God. Mothers are always more appropriated by us than fathers. The paternal aspect of God is transcendent to his creation. Even on Earth fathers judge much more harshly the mistakes of their children, while the mother is more forgiving. So pray to the Divine Mother, speak to her as if you were her child: “Divine Mother, good or bad, I am yours. You have to free me from this illusion.”

The Divine Mother will always respond with compassion if the aspirant addresses this request sincerely and with all her soul. Of course, God is none of these forms under which we worship him, but it is useful to know this human view of the reflection of the world in order to be able to deepen our devotion.

By transcending devotion, we will discover divine love. This form of perfect love requires a total fusion of being into the Divine. In this state, the yogi realizes the ultimate truth: “I am He.”


Paramahansa Yogananda

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