Partial lunar eclipse on Gemini – Sagittarius – 5 June, 22:12 – Romanian time

The partial eclipse of the Friday Month, June 5, 2020, 22:12 is formed on the Gemini – Sagittariusaxis, at the 15:34 degree activating houses VI – XII – significant houses for work in the service of others, relationship with coworkers, physical and mental health. The ascendant of the moment is in the earth sign of Capricorn demanding from us our own assumption and empowerment.

Since the Sagittarius governs the basin, hips, sacral bone, coccyx, buttocks and thighs, from a medical point of view everything you do for these areas during the 2 – 3 days of the moon’s transit through Sagittarius, has a double preventive and therapeutic effect (starting From Thursday afternoon, 4 June to Saturday afternoon, 6 June) with except for surgical operations in this area.

These days the sciatic nerve, circulation problems and muscle pain in the thigh area can be felt with greater frequency. Massages are extremely beneficial during this period and can easily relax the stuck muscles. (ThePower of the Moon – Johanna Paungger and Thomas Poppe).


i.e. Friday, June 4at 4:12 a.m. to Saturday, June 6, 4:12 p.m.! This period of influence represents the tolerance of ± 8 degrees of the aspect of opposition between the Sun and the Moon.

What is good to avoid during this period:

It is unwise to make love during the period of evil influence of the Full Moon!

During the amorous act, due to the deep auric fusion and dilation between the two lovers, there is a very great possibility to take, unconsciously, the negative vibrations existing in the environment.

It has been found that those couples who do not comply with this prohibition, face more often with awkward problems and tensions, who often have no motivation, that is, exacerbate the manifestation of jealousy, possessive tendencies, claims and sometimes states of verbal, mental or even physical violence.

Tripura Sundari – Wednesday, 3 June 2020

48 hours before the astral moment of the Full Moon, the day of Tripura Sundari takes place, a particularly special day, when the influence of this energy is extremely beneficial on our planet. This month, the day of Tripura Sundari takes place on June 3rd,with the maximum moment at 22:12 a privileged day, being called the day of universal beauty and harmony (Tripura Sundari symbolizing the Great Cosmic Power of beauty, harmony and divine love).

It is the day when we can temper our selfish beginnings and ambitions by raising awareness of our true aspirations, being a day worth consecrating to love, art, beauty, actions full of dedication. For those who are in a couple relationship it is a privileged moment in which they can carry out the secret Maithuna process.

We must keep in mind that the influence of the Moon manifests itself primarily on the fluids in the body, respectively on the psyche

It is precisely for this reason that lunar symbolism is related to the subconscious, to the water, to the sensitivity, the responsiveness, the adaptability, the instinct. Surgical operations are not indicated during this period and there is an increased risk of bleeding!

Research undertaken during the Full Moon period has shown that most people tend towards instinctual behavior, which drastically affects decision-making power, discernment. This is also one of the reasons why it is not recommended to make decisions on the Full Moon, because they can be either hasty, or the result of the influence of the environment and the various people with whom we interfere, respectively of the latest events that have impressed us (and are still on the “surface” in our subconscious).

Specific astrological aspects:

The partial eclipse of the Moon of June 5, 22:12 is formed on the axis of knowledge Gemini – Sagittarius on the degree 15:34 near the Lunar Nodes, respectively the North Node in Gemini at the 29:05 degree in perfect opposition with the South Node in Sagittarius at the 29:05 degree. The moon is near the South Node in Sagittarius (the past) which implies that the message of this eclipse is karmic impregnated with the need to heal those parts of us that are in imbalance,to better understand the causes of certain actions in our lives, to bring out those mindsets that still prevent us from evolving, to realign ourselves with our purpose and mission on earth.

Eclipses are astral events with a major impact on the destiny of each of us

they become key moments in our lives when we have the chance to become more easily aware of our own karmic baggage, our own limitations and strive to transcend them through meditations, prayers, introspection with ourselves for liberation and purification. The intensity of these moments is very high especially as we are talking about a lunar eclipse that governs our inner emotions and moods, we can be overwhelmed by those energies and we can very easily lose our discernment,lose our self-control and thus amplify our ego. On the other hand it will depend on us in which direction we want to use this astral “intensity”, do we have the courage and desire to transcend our limits no matter how much it takes us out of the comfort zone or are we looking for excuses for what is happening leaving us to our own ego?

The challenge now comes from an area of

knowledge, access to information, communication, truth, “power” now translates into identification with what we think we know or know.

The South Node in Sagittarius now indicates that our vulnerability lies in the idea that we are always right, that we know better or that we have more knowledge than the one in front of us, we tend to position ourselves somewhat in an all-knowing position that will practically prevent us from listening to the other. We consider ourselves “masters” in certain areas, which will direct us to give advice or to be involved in helping, advising, healing even when we are not asked to do so. Arrogance, obsession with absolute truth, inability to listen, the need to “advise” even abusive and indiscriminate, fear of losing their freedom and implicitrejection of the idea of coercion of any kind, unastandered and lack of patience, all these behaviors or habits will be in the spotlight during this eclipse.

Like any full moon that brings a completion, a conclusion, a chapter end, this eclipse comes to draw a line between my Truth and Your Truth

inviting us to look beyond the illusion of separation between the two, the energies involved in the opposition activating the Gemini – Sagittarius axis, the areas concerned being studies, communication, travel, faith, relationship with those close to them but also with foreignness.

The Full Moon in Sagittarius invites us to analyze our own “truth” beyond what we think we know, and we are open to corrections by giving us the full glass that no longer accepts any water. It is important to let the water of knowledge fill our cup permanently, it is important to remember that we are not our mind, nor our thoughts, nor even our knowledge, we are beyond them, and our purpose is to put our mind in the service of the soul not the other way around. It’s not an easy thing to do, but our street life bears tremendous fruit, we are invited to access a much more subtle Truth, that of the soul, but for him we must be prepared to put aside what we are not. Depending on the house where we have the Sagittarius sign in the native map, we are given the chance to give up our outdated beliefs and mindsets that we have elevated to the rank of truth, to our limiting beliefs, to fixed and obsessive ideas of how it is good, to toxic behaviors that prevent us from growing. The truth that is presented to us now may “burn” us according to the Sagittarius’ fire sign, but it is a purifying and liberating fire.

In perfect opposition to the Moon of Sagittarius in house XII is the Sun in Gemini in house VI which brings to the fore issues related to our health, our service, our relationship with bosses and colleagues, the possible courses we want to participate in to improve our professional skills. It can be a good time to consider a professional reorientation, new ways of professional progress through courses, seminars or other forms of education.

There is a need for a new breath in what we have accumulated so far as knowledge

we have the opportunity to search and analyze honestly what suits us, we can give up the old ideas and adopt new concepts of life and service, we can better value ourselves by putting ourselves at the service of others, this being also the domain of house VI. We can detach ourselves from outdated patterns or mindsets related to religion, education or higher education, the mentality that “if that’s what you’ve learned, that’s what you have to do,” allowing us to find a new way of study, practice, a new job, a new mentor or contacts with new people from whom we can learn everything we consider necessary for our evolution. Also, considering that we are on an axis of health, we can discover new methods of healing both body and soul that can occur in our lives through contact or communication with people.

This lunar eclipse in Sagittarius activates house XII, a house where it is possible to face hidden and extremely unpleasant truths

with secrets or things that have been occulted to us so far and that can disappoint us, hurt us or disillusion us. Being a psychic home, there are unpleasant or painful things that can now come out of our subconscious,which we will first have to accept and then heal. These things can have to do with our health, our work and our professional plans, everything we have invested in our studies and training, with our faith. All we can do is leave ourselves in God’s care, because He knows what is best for us, He is the holder of the ultimate truth, and when He makes us witnesses of a truth, no matter how hard it may seem, it is surely the most necessary and beneficial thing that could happen to us in our evolution. Even if we are tempted to hold tight what we think we know, may our mind become silent so that only divine knowledge can manifest itself!

This lunar eclipse brings with it the moment of a strong awareness, a superior understanding

(The Sagittarius sign) of the fact that we as humans do not hold the supreme knowledge, that we are not what our mind tells us that we are, but much more than that, and access to true knowledge is made by crossing the threshold of our soul, with humility and devotion. (house XII)

Nothing dies forever as far as we’re concerned, only the ego has this fear

everything transforms and transfigures into a new beginning but at a higher level, and house XII contains in it the germs of this rebirth. If we have a clear understanding of the necessity of this reconfiguration in our lives by abandoning our knowledge in the service of God, we will be supported to experience this transformation with faith, courage and compassion because such moments become promises of what we can become.

Virginia Olteanu – astrologer

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