Regular (weekly) detachment from the mundane – Nivedana Mudra or yogi Sabbath

If we want to live Abheda – spirituality in the midst of life, Nivedana Mudra or yogi Sabbath is, in fact, an offering of time to all that we have holier and highest.

It is a more general concept that refers to the consecration of resources, preferably regularly, to the greatest depths of our being and of the Universe, by the man who is integrated in the middle of life, so he has many natural, necessary activities.

Nivedana Mudra or the yogi Sabbath is a erasure of limitations, a purification, a spearhead of our existence.

This inner attitude has two options, which can be together or separated:

  • for us – we offer ourselves the offering of ourselves and our thoughts, our time, our energy, detaching ourselves from ordinary concerns and using time to advance spiritually and spiritually
  • for others, through the love of their loved ones and the help offered to them so that they too may have a more beautiful life and be happy; so, in the idea of moving forward spiritually, if we neglect our loved ones or are indifferent, it means that we are wrong from this point of view; of course, we have to find a wise solution, but it’s bne to keep in mind that if we ourselves do not move forward, we will not have much to offer to others, because the most important gift from us for our loved ones can only come from within us.

How is Nivedana Mudra done for us?

It is an inner attitude in which we actively give any knowledge, any energy, any thought, any action for spiritual transformation and growth, and usually it means a longer or shorter spiritual retreat.

Advantage: through Nivedana Mudra or the yogi Sabbath we can happily recover or complete our recent spiritual practice (for example, from the last week.

For a person who seeks to amplify a deep meaning in his life, Nivedana Mudra or the yogi Sabbath can be achieved in the following ways, which can be developed, (they can, of course, be many more):

  • one day a week to disconnect from the other usual activities and to achieve exclusively, intensively and extensively everything we know and can transform or uplift us:
  • energy yoga and meditation first, prayer, and if they are not accessible to us
  • fundamental study, art, inspired literature, motivating and reinforcing films (preferably, however, energetic yoga and meditation primarily, prayer);
    On what day of the week? – it does not matter, in our opinion, only to be a consecrated day for spirituality or personal and trans-personal development;
  • one day a month at least
  • a number of consecutive days once or several times a year
  • intense spiritual retreats of longer duration.

In our view, in the various religions the religious Sabbath was misunderstood as a day of rest.

Many times, simply sitting does not even generate bodily regeneration.

It is said that God himself rests from the Sabbath.

This does not mean that it “stands in vain”, but that it is oriented towards the transcendent mental void, which is alive and active, but in a different way than we expect when we think of it.

The great secret

Although the Sabbath means an interruption of worldly activities, they do not suffer but are fulfilled through Nivedana Mudra.

This Mudra is a practical secret:

moving forward with the “spearhead”, our lives change for the better and for the rest of the time.

Leo Radutz
Leo Radutz

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