Reincarnation in a nutshell

There was once a man who loved God and reached a stage a little more spiritually advanced, but who had only a few earthly desires to fulfill. At the end of his life, an angel appeared to him and asked him, “do you want anything else?”

“Yes,” the man replied, “all my life I have been weak, thin and sickly. I would like to have a strong and healthy body in my next life.”

In the next life he was given a strong, large and healthy body.
But he was poor and had a hard time keeping his body well fed.
In the end, being still hungry, he lay dying. The angel reappeared and asked him, “is there anything else you want? ”

“Yes,” he replied, “for my next life, I would like a strong and healthy body and an important bank account!”

Well, in his next life he had a strong and healthy body, in addition he was also rich. But over time he began to be saddened that he had no one to share his luck with. When death came, the angel asked, “Is there anything else?”

“Yes, please. Next time I would like to be strong, healthy and rich, but also to have a good wife.

Well, the next time he was given all those blessings. In addition, the wife was also a good woman. Unfortunately, he died of a young woman. He suffered the rest of the day because of this loss. He idolizes his gloves, shoes and other memories that were precious to him. But as he was dying because of the suffering, the angel said to him, “and now what is?”

“Next time,” said the man, “I would like to be strong, healthy and rich and have a good wife who will live for a long time.”

“Are you sure you’ve covered everything?” the angel asked.

“Yes, I’m sure of everything, now. ”

Well, in the next life he had all these things, including a good wife who lived a long time.
The problem was that he lived too long! Gradually, aging, he became proud of the beautiful young secretary, to the point where he left his wife for that girl.
As for the girl, all she wanted from him was his money. From the moment she got her hands on the money, the girl left with a younger man.
Finally, to the dying old man, the angel appeared to him and asked him, “well, what is this time?”

“Nothing!” the man cried. “nothing, even nothing! I LEARNED MY LESSON.


From now on, even if I am rich or poor, healthy or sick, married or lonely, even if I am here on earth or on the astral plane, I need only my divine Beloved. Where there is God, only there is perfection there! “

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