Personal relationship with the spiritual path

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There is a personal relationship with the spiritual path.

It is a relationship that takes place in our heart, in our soul, it is an inner relationship, but it also has personal manifestations.
Personal relationship with the spiritual path is like relationship with a living being.

This parallel is not accidental because, in fact, the Master and the Spiritual Path are a manifestation outside of us, of our spirit, of the soul or especially of the immortal Supreme Self Atman, the essential Self.

The universe is conscious and this awareness of the universe manifests through a perfect connection with our soul.

Therefore, what happens on the outside is closely related to what happens on the inside. Moreover, Master is said to have said to a disciple:

You wouldn’t have looked for me if you hadn’t already found me.”

That is, we find the spiritual path and the master because we first sought them, aspired to them, desired them in some way, even unconsciously.
And once we manifested this aspiration in our soul, the universe responded…
Because our soul is connected to the conscious universe.

True, it is not clear enough many times, or we forget and fall into the ignorance that makes us think that the universe is mechanical.
And that what we do in our soul is of little importance to what happens outside of us in the universe.
It is not very clear and obvious to us that what is going on inside us

It has a counterpart in what is happening outside of us.

Here we can see, if we pay attention,

that when we intensely desire something,

The target is already contained in this state of desire.

Desire, (whatever we want), longing, aspiration already contain in them the goal.

The more we want, the more the target is part of us.

The knowledge of the ancient Rish (as well as The Book of The Secret), as well as the demonstration we feel in our lives, makes this clear.

On the other hand, many will say:

“You know, I didn’t want the spiritual way, I wasn’t looking for it, I don’t know how that works.

“You wouldn’t have looked for me if you hadn’t already found me!”

Things happen like this in connection with the spiritual path:

It arises from a perplexity, from an inner search to understand

what’s going on with your life and the world.

Maybe you never set out to look for a spiritual path.

But you wanted to understand your life and the world.
Pursuing this, especially when life challenges us in every way,

In reality, we are looking for the spiritual way.
It takes shape before us.

It’s taking shape more and more

and finally is completed by the appearance of:

– outwardly of a master or a master

– and within, through a firm spiritual aspiration,

Through this spiritual aspiration, man understands to meet the natural process of transformation and spiritual evolution towards truth, towards freedom, towards life, towards happiness.

After a while, just like in relation to a living being, it is possible to make mistakes.
It is possible to relate with indifference to the spiritual path and Master, or even with criticism, with all sorts of grumpy aspects.
Or simply, because of falling asleep, we no longer see the spiritual path.

As we move away from the spiritual path in our soul, or as we make mistakes in this direction, it “dries up” for us.

We no longer feel it, even if we use our willpower just as in a relationship where one or both have done important deeds

who denied love for each other.
At a certain point, when they very much want to return to their original state of grace, even making concerted and joint efforts, they no longer succeed!
Even if they want it now and have all the goodwill.

It is the same with the spiritual path, but it is much more important what happens to our spiritual path.

If we make gestures that deny love for the spiritual path,
then a removal occurs;
eyes are no longer as bright,
The heart is not as awake anymore
And we don’t “see” anymore.

When at some point it becomes obvious and we feel the thrill of loss,

We are trying to tread the old paths of spirituality again…

Assuming they are still open to us.

There is a danger that we will find that we no longer feel anything,

that we can no longer connect with what we used to see

and with what I once felt.
With that state of grace I ignored for a long time,

we put it “in the refrigerator” for storage,

thinking we’ll take it from the shelf when we want.

That actually means that

the process is not reversible,

is irreversible

or is hardly reversible.

Some people jokingly said:

“Mind you, math is like a beautiful girl: if you don’t walk her, she lets you.”

They want to say that mathematics, this particular science, in order to be able to understand it, to be inspired, to be good at mathematics, you have to practice it, tread on its paths.
If not, you will find that… You don’t know math anymore.
Or that you can no longer, you are no longer inspired, you can no longer solve hard problems for others, which you once could solve and were easy for you.

So is the relationship with a loved one; so is the relationship with a beloved Path.

Sacrifice is an important coordinate for love and for the spiritual path.

They loved each other and lived happily ever after

The one who loves does not even notice that he sacrifices himself.
But the one who finds, if he observes himself,

that he hesitates to sacrifice himself,

if the question arises,

Or if he even thinks about doing so,

it means that, quite possibly, he will depart from the spiritual path

or has already moved away.

Self-sacrifice in this direction,

It is nothing more than giving up some needs of the ego.
It means letting go of aspects of ego comfort in the name of love – in the name of love of spirituality.

The spiritual path will always require sacrifices.
He will not demand, but will spontaneously ask us, in the name of the love of spirituality,

to continue and benefit from her Grace.

Always sacrifice is doubled by a quantity of Grace,

help spntan for which I did not work.
You could say I worked by making that sacrifice, actually.

The spiritual path requires sacrifices, it requires love,

we must pay attention to it and follow its paths,

whether we like it or not.

The spiritual path does not take this into account

Because it refers to a reality that is currently inaccessible to us or a little inaccessible.

That’s why it’s hard sometimes to strongly desire it,

Because for now, it’s a hunch the miracle we’re going to reach.

Many say, “Ah, but for me one, I have no affinity for that!”
You can’t even have affinity!
For what the spiritual path offers, you can’t really do it.

Because it is beyond your current level.
We have affinity for what is consistent with our current level.
So in many situations we will have to blindly move forward!
Whether we wanted to go ice cream, go for a walk, just stay home or watch TV.

There is a situation where we are on an inappropriate, inauthentic, or authentic spiritual path, but with little efficiency.
In this case, it is possible to move from one spiritual path to another, which we must do very carefully.
Moving “from one boat to another” is very easy not to stay in any boat.The relationship with the spiritual path is like with a living being.

Just like in life: the first girl gets upset, and then you find that the second girl also gets upset, and you can stay alone!

Our relationship to the spiritual path is important!

It is of crucial, fundamental importance, essential for our present and future existence, for everything we do and are.

It is indeed necessary to have a bit of luck to find a good or very good spiritual path and a good or very good spiritual Master!

But if we are not lucky, we take what we have received and use it to the fullest.
Only if we notice that another, much more powerful sun rises on the horizon,

We’re going somewhere else, and we have to be very sure of that.

Spiritual zapping, i.e. going from school to school or going to multiple schools at the same time, is harmful, and sometimes profoundly harmful.

Because for many who practice this method, they find that they are actually left with nothing.

We even had the situation of a student, a beautiful, strong, cultured man with a vivid mind, who had worked and walked a lot in the world.
He had been in contact with many multinational companies, with many special people.
He had attended many spirituality courses, some of them even authentic, and he came to us.

What did I notice, though?
First, he had failed to assimilate anything from the many spiritual courses he had taken.
He did not practice anything, he was left with only a curiosity, with a mental search in this area.
Trying to integrate into Abheda Yoga, I found that he didn’t actually feel like doing that either.

He had all sorts of ideas and was grumpy about the different techniques, methods, and statements of the Way.
He discussed them constantly, first in his inner forum, and then also externally.
This man could not take anything away from the gifts that were in front of him and that were given to him.

He could not capitalize on the endowments with which He came in this life,
because he refused all hands outstretched and offered by God.

We might say, “Okay, leave it, I’m not going to refuse.”
Yes, but when you zapping spiritually, an inner arrogance arises, we say to ourselves:

Let me choose what’s good from everyone.”

This method does not work,

Because when we have to transcend certain limitations

(this is what we do in yoga, we strive for limitlessness),

We make the transition from:

-ignorance of knowledge
-from limitation to limitlessness
-from passerby to non-passerby.

To make this passage, the moment of passage is a time when we must abandon ourselves.

Let us put down the old values or the values of comfort, the values of the ego
and throw ourselves into the “hole”;
not actually knowing what the future will really be like,
but… understanding that it is thousands of times preferable.

When we
, the mental filter appears that says:

This is excessive, exaggerated, too much.”

If we think like that, transformation won’t happen.

It is true that there are also exaggerated things in many ways and schools, but on the other hand,

Always the moment of transcendence will be perceived by the ego as exaggerated.

And then, he who does not have the strength to trust in the spiritual Path,

No matter how it seems to him at that moment, he will stop.
He will back down and want to preserve his spiritual state at that moment.
That is, it will not be able to evolve much, or even a little.
Or it might even go downhill, decrease it by something.

It depends on what the test is like that life imposes on him then.

So I wish you to reflect, to make the best decisions

and understand that the relationship with the spiritual path is like with a living being.

You must love, you must sacrifice,
give time and attention
And especially to take your tests, not to bypass them.


Leo Radutz, founder of the Abheda system, initiator of the Good OM Revolution


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