The main concern about 2012 has grown since the recent report by the National Research Council, funded by NASA and released by the National Academy of Sciences as “Severe Space Weather Events: Understanding Economic and Societal Impact”, which details the potential disasters that could occur as a result of the 2012 solar storms, on existing energy networks and, thanks to the high-tech society, on the entire human civilization.

According to New Scientist, scientists’ concern is a possible repeat of the 8th day of 1859, the “Carrington Event,” a massive solar flare accompanied by the CME phenomenon that blasts tons of solar plasma toward Earth’s magnetic layer (magnetosphere).

New Scientist argues that: “The report describes the worst-case scenario for the US. ” The “Perfect Storm” is most likely to occur on a spring or fall night in a year of increased solar activity — something like 2012. Around the equinoxes, Earth’s orientation vis-à-vis the Sun makes us particularly vulnerable to a plasma eruption.”

The next solar maximum is expected to occur in 2012. Mike Hapgood, head of the European Space Agency, said: “We are in the equivalent of an idyllic summer day. The sun is very quiet, the quietest in 100 years,” but it can suddenly turn another way.

Modern power grids can amplify the impact of solar flares. Because the network is intimately connected to modern society, the effects of such a Carrington event would be devastating. The report from the National Academy of Sciences says, “A major event in the U.S. could induce a current that would destroy high-powered transformers in less than 90 seconds, cutting power to more than 130 million people.” According to the NAS report, the impact, known as a severe geomagnetic storm scenario, could cost $2 trillion. And that’s only the first year after the storm. NAS says recovery could take between 4 and 10 years.”

China, which is installing a high-power power grid, is far more vulnerable than the US. Europe and other developed countries will be affected in a similar way.

Coronal Mass Ejection dated from the Carrington event of 1859 reached Earth in less than 15 minutes, faster than NASA’s Advanced Composition Explorer (ACE) alert system.

The head of the European Space Agency, Mike Hapgood, said: “I don’t think the NAS report is scary. Scientists are conservative by nature, and this group is very cautious,” he says. “This is a fair and balanced report.”

A hole in Earth’s magnetic field

According to the December 16, 2008 report, the THEMIS spacecraft discovered a hole in the earth’s magnetic field that is 10 times larger than originally thought. The magnetosphere, which protects Earth from plasma eruptions from the Sun, has a gap in diameter four times larger than Earth.

The peak of solar activity is expected to occur in 2012. University of New Hampshire scientist Jimmy Raeder said: “We are entering Solar Cycle 24. For reasons that are not fully understood, the phenomenon of CMEs in even solar cycles (solar cycle 24) tend to hit Earth with a peak that is magnetized in the N side. This is an ideal sequence for a major event.”

Solar storms, negative consequences for human health

Scientists claim that Earth will be “hit” by high levels of magnetic energy following solar flares around 2012, informs the Telegraph.

The worst, however, is that the solar storm could have negative consequences for people’s health, if the authorities do not take exceptional measures.

Hospital equipment, banking systems, air traffic control equipment, computers, navigation systems are just some of the devices whose activity will be seriously disrupted or even interrupted. Solar storms could also severely affect Earth financially.

NASA: We need to prepare ahead of time

“We know they’re coming, but we don’t know how serious the consequences will be,” Dr. Richard Fisher, director of NASA’s heliophysics division, said of solar storms. “It will destroy communications equipment, satellites, GPS systems, air traffic systems, banking, our computers, anything electronic. There will be huge problems for humanity.” “Large areas of the globe will be without electricity and repairing power grids will take enormous time. Most importantly, the effect will be instantaneous, and the magnetic field will be disrupted at lightning speed,” Fisher added.
According to the NASA representative, future solar flares will affect people to such a large extent because the dependence on electronic devices is much greater than the last time such an event occurred. “If we prepare ahead of time for what’s next, then the effects won’t be so serious,” he concluded.

AdAnima Academy Note

“Shall we prepare?” – The researcher did not specify anything in this regard, hinting that the measures must be determined by each government body.
However, nothing in this regard occurs, not even an official recognition of the event.
Governments are now dealing with other tasks, the most important of which seems to be generating the economic crisis for them.
Now we cannot afford to specify possible measures here.
The fact that technology will not work for a while will generate enormous consequences, but everyone must understand here the consequences and how they can prepare individually or in groups to withstand a while in the absence of technology.
Information unexpected or unknown to many people – The best preparation is certainly to elevate the spiritual level, which will be crucial in the situation.
The other preparations are easy to guess.
Please note that the laptop and electronics you care about can be protected in a metal box or camera, which will be able to shield them from electromagnetic influences. Also, a metal room or covered with metal surfaces can be helpful for protecting people.

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