Shiva Rațri – celebration of the night of divine transcendence in India

Shivaratri, also called the night of divine transcendence, takes place every month, 24 hours before the new moon.
In India, on this occasion, the spiritual aspirant wakes up early,before sunrise and performs meditations with Shiva – the aspect of the unique Supreme Consciousness that manifests the attributes of supreme, infinitely beneficial, at the same time transcendent and immanent, the Eternal Male.

Then perform a purifying bath and wear new and clean clothes. Wearing a Rudraksha necklace and applying “vibuthi” (sacred ash) is considered to be an important part of the ritual.

The participant in the Shivaratri ritual should visit a nearby temple of Shiva and perform libations with Shiva Linga with water, milk, honey and other suitable and beneficial substances in such a ritual. During the Libats of Lingam, the devots ask forgiveness for the mistakes and limitations of their behavior and ask Shiva’s Grace and help.
After libations, haldi and kumkum (colored vegetable powders) are applied to Shiva Lingam, and the God is offered a garland of pink and white lotus. Scented sticks are lit and temple bells are ringing as part of the ceremony.

Throughout the day, bhajans and aartis are sung to invoke Shiva’s blessings. It should be noted that, unlike other rituals in which a feast is made after the completion of the puja, in shivaratri vrata, devotees must practice the black fast only with Anaharin water all day, as well as at night.
Participants should also watch all night while repeating the mantra “Om Namah Shivaya” with devotional intensity. During Shivaratri vrata there is a practice to achieve a libation with Shiva Linga every three hours.
It offers Shiva prasadam special in the form of fruit. Devotes spend their time listening to the stories and legends of Lord Shiva,along with devotional songs and hymns. Shivaratri is interrupted the following day by consuming the prasad with other Shivaite aspirants.

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