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In addition to the enrollment period for the Abheda De Base course, you can participate at any time in spontaneous courses without regular attendance – Abheda ONE Step.
People enrolled at Abheda Base can participate in all additional courses free of charge, so ONE Step.

The teaching of the basic course spans several years of study and practice, but in about 6 months a good instruction is assimilated to understand and practice BAZA Abheda.

The room is equipped with yoga mattresses, beds and pillows, but it is good for participants to carry a blanket and/or isoprene ("yoga mat") if they want to practice on their own objects.

Otherwise, we are waiting for you with light clothing and ... Good soul! 🙂

Abheda Yoga Basic Course

LA SALA in Bucharest, with successive and more
advanced initiations and information
based on the traditional yogic methods of Direct Realization - yoga in the middle of life.

Classes start on Saturday, September 27, 2020,at 10:00.
Entries are received until 1 November 2020, even after classes begin.

Asset 1

basic courses are successive weekly courses of 3 hours, requiring relatively regular attendance

Asset 1

will take place every Sunday from 10 to 13 and every Tuesday from 19 to 22;

Asset 1

atheoretical and practical learning of the fundamentals of Abheda yoga is taught;

Asset 1

the first 4 weeks of the course are free (between 27 September and 25 October);
the first free session from 25 October to 1 November),

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and then
a donation of 120 lei/month no matter how many courses we attend,
some discounts or gratuities for low-income people or
exceptional cases;

Asset 1

persons enrolled in the basic course have free participation in ONEStep.

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