Talasana – “palm posture” for grounding and energizing

Talasana - postura palmierului - Abheda Yoga

Talasana – „postura palmierului” pentru împământare și energizare


Talasana is a refreshing, beneficial exercise, not at all tiring, which keeps the body alert and active. It energizes the torso and arms, being a wonderful posture for therapists who work with the palms.

Indications, effects and benefits of this process

Through the consistent practice of this ASANA the body becomes well built and wonderfully proportioned, sharp and agile; also, the curative magnetism at the level of the arms and especially of the palms is stimulated. The torso is energized, and the energies ascend to the column.

Talasana – Abheda Yoga

Execution technique

Standing, with the eyes closed, with the parallel soles apart at a distance equal to the width of the shoulders, we raise the arms aiming for them to be parallel or slightly divergent, straight at the level of the elbows and as much as possible in the same plane with the trunk. The palms will hold the hems, somewhat face to face.

It is at this moment that it begins to relate to what is the fundamental experience of a tree – the awareness of the double connection, the one with the regenerating and giving earth of food and sap through the soles and that of the Sky, fertilizer, source of light and consciousness, through the palms and arms.

The Secret Contraction, Aswini Mudra or the continuous contraction of the anal sphincter is performed, as intensely as we can, throughout the duration of the posture.

Concentration and awareness during execution

According to the course initiation

Concentration and awareness immediately after execution

According to the course initiation

Possible mistakes and remedies

– the arms should be as straight as possible, in the same plane as the trunk and as far as possible parallel or slightly divergent;
the firm contraction of the Anal Sphincter Aswini Mudra is performed throughout the execution of the posture;
mental focus and inner attitude must also be continuous;
– the possible tendency to disregard the posture due to its simplicity and to execute it for short durations of time or with a weak inner focus must be avoided, because this posture has its value, which only a firm and consistent practitioner can find out.


In the case of people who have conditions that do not recommend to stay long standing, it is necessary to practice with caution (for example, in the case of varicose veins).

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