Adi tantra is the primordial tantra or the first tantra, the fundamental tantra.

Este tantra tradițională, foarte riguroasă dar minunată, care ne oferă libertate excepțională cu condiția de respecta foarte strict condițiile succesului în tantra. Altfel, așa-zisa tantra nu ar mai fi tantra, ci o cale de cădere accelerată.

Oferă spiritualitatea în mijlocul vieții.


It can mean, for example, the infinitely complex fabric of manifestation, which this group of practices seeks to transcend, precisely with the help of the “fabric”. The word also has the meaning of spiritual path or discipline, as well as tradition, method or theoretical work.

Another meaning of this word is that of “transformation”, which is specific only in a certain perspective of the tantric tradition.

We can consider that this word comes from the word tana (body) and traa (to save), thus foreshadowing the meaning of this word, which in Adi Tantra means the path that offers the possibility of transcending the limitations that come from the wrong identification with the body and the external world that comes to us through the senses (and which comes from ignorance) precisely with the help of the body.

Or, more clearly, with the help of the countless opportunities that our life integrated into an ensemble of bodies puts us in contact with the macrocosmic illusion at different levels of manifestation.

We mention that the set of practical methods offered by Adi Tantra nondualist Tantra are helpful to achieve transcendence and Revelation of the Supreme Reality in all three worlds: the physical world, the astral world and the causal world.

Nondualist tantra is the essential part of the Trika system. Trika means in Shivaism of The Trinity Kashmir. Trika is also the name by which Kashmiri Shaivism was known before 1900, because the concept of the trinity is manifested in many ways throughout its philosophical system.


The superior man, who does not deny and controls instincts perfectly, spontaneously sees in persons of the opposite sex a divine being, and instantly poses himself in his counterpart. The loving hero reminds us that we are truly saints… And for that we just have to refuse to fall into animality.

For many well-intentioned practitioners, Tantra would be the art of making love beautifully and without losing control of sexual energy at all, achieving the so-called sexual continence – Arohana.
Well, what is even more characteristic in Tantra is, in fact, transfiguration. Through transfiguration, truly, in that apparently human place and time meet not two people, but two angels.

Unfortunately, few people have access to authentic information regarding Tantra, which is approached superficially in most Western schools of Tantra. They often present information that is not very much related to true tantric science, just as we cannot say that astrology and astronomy are identical, they are in fact two completely different sciences.


“What is here (in the microcosm of the human being) is everywhere (in the macrocosm), what is not here (in the microcosm of the human being), is nowhere (in the macrocosm).” – Kularnava Tantra

“The tantric reaches through God to the world and not through the world to God.” – Acharya Shiva Shankara

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