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freedomWe offer below some pearls of wisdom belonging to the famous American writer Richard Bach, who wrote the initiatory novel The Seagull Jonathan Livingston.


How others reconcile with what is given to you is not your job, but theirs.

In order to start learning anything, you have to put aside the security that ignorance gives you.

You are the one who asked to be left here on this Earth so that you can do something remarkable, something that matters to you, that you could not have done anywhere else or anywhere else.


The only things that really matter at the end of your stay on this Earth, are:

- How beautiful did you love?

- What was the quality of your love?

The sign of recognition of your ignorance is the strength with which you believe in injustice and tragic. What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the real master calls the butterfly.


How exactly do you want to be behind this experience – in what way do you want to have changed in its wake?


No one forces you to learn. You've got to learn when you want to.


For you to change, it takes a big stake.


Original sin is the limitation of the Self. Don't do it.


Take heed to what life tells you. It shows you everything you need to know about what you can become.


What inspires you, guides you and defends you.


Argue in favor of your own limitations and, without a doubt, you will have them.


The only duty you have, anytime, in the course of any life, is to be loyal to yourself.


If you choose safety over happiness, you will have it, but with this price.


The mistaken belief is to accept rules without having reflected on them first, when you move forward because you know that this is what others expect from you. You will gather millions of such beliefs throughout your life if you are not careful.


How many live their lives without ever discovering what they know or what they love?


It is your duty not to allow yourself to become like them.

There's nothing to forgive when you know you've called all the experiences in your life to you. Why would you frown on those who bring you what you asked for?

You have the most to learn when you play against someone who can defeat you.

You are a master in what you have lived, an artisan in what you live and an amateur in what is to be lived.

When you live with maximum intensity, the outcome of the game no longer matters. Any it would happen, it's good.

A life is your chance to express your Self in the most thrilling and creative way possible.

You've adjusted your perceptual ability to a certain frequency, and you call everything you can see "the world." You can tune in, at any time, to new frequencies.

A creative life full of love for something, anything, is a healthy life. When you do what makes you happy, you get healing and safety.

The first step to freeing yourself from hypnosis is to realize that you have been in a state of hypnosis.

There are no paradises, no inferno, only these endless worlds that you yourself create, until you find the solution.

There's no thing that you can't give your consent to. There's nothing you can't withdraw from.

Guarantee for a hard and happy life:

1.Find out what you love to do more on this earth.

2.Do it no matter what stands in your way.

3. Give what you have gained from this love to those who show interest.

By sharing your love, you will be carried to a magical life of inner happiness, which others, not sharing with you, cannot know.

If your gifts are small, the reward will be as good as you can. If you give entire universes, your reward will be immense.

Learn what the magician knows and it will no longer seem like magic to you.

Whatever harm it is to do it to someone else, do it to yourself first.

Do what you have always dreamed of doing and there will be no room left for regrets.

For any question imagine the strangest answer, totally opposite to the one at

that you could expect. Is that true?

Some say to endure, some say to serve, some to detach yourself. But who tells you to find what is really right for you?

Learning means discovering what you already knew. To do is to prove that, indeed, you know. To teach others means to remind them that they know, as well as you do. You are all learners, workers, teachers.

Every person, the happenings of your life, are all with you because you have drawn them to you. What you choose to do with them is your job.

You know best how to teach others the things that you yourself have to learn as well as possible.

The Self is Life, Love, that Magnificent Something at the center of your being.

The self does not know the limitations imposed by space-time, just as it does not know everything that means worries, fears or beliefs in your life.

That Something does not look at you as a bipedal being on the surface of the third

the planets of a small sun at the edge of a tiny galaxy in a tiny universe, crammed, for a blink of an eye, between billions and billions of other universes.

That Something sees you mirroring His own image and gives you total freedom to do whatever you want, apart from dying.

To bring something into your life, imagine it's already there.

A disaster means a change. It's a disguised chance, in too wide a garb.

You are free to change the dimension of your consciousness at randomness, through teachings or at willpower. But you are not allowed to refuse to express life.

There's no problem that doesn't leave you a gift after it passes. Looking for problems

because you need their gifts.

Destiny does not force you to go in a direction that you do not want to follow. You are the one who chooses. Your destiny is in your hands.

You are a being of light. You have come from the light, you will return to the light; at every step the light of your limitless being surrounds you.

Imagine the wonderful and perfect universe. Then be sure of the following thing: The Self and imagined it a little better than you did.

Keep avoiding problems, and you'll never be the one who overcame them.

You will never be sent a wish without being given the power to achieve it. But you may have to make an effort to do so.

There are no mistakes. The events you attract to yourself, no matter how unpleasant they may be, are absolutely necessary for you to learn what you need to know. Every step you take is necessary for you to reach the goal you set for yourself.

You gave your own life to get who you are today. Was it worth it?

LIFE EXISTS. That's where you go when you need healing, comfort, energy,


No one can help solve a problem if the problem is that the person to be helped does not want to find the solution.

There is no need to fight to live according to your desires. Live the way you want and pay the necessary price.

The essential reason you didn't get answers is that you didn't ask the questions.

The principles are changing hard, imperceptibly, and you never know that they have changed until, at some point, something that used to be good, now no longer seems to be so.


Author : Richard Bach

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