The influence of the phases of the Moon on the rhythms of life on Earth. How to optimize our activities according to lunar phases

We live in an interconnected universe, where, with each more and more day, we discover connections between objects and beings that are in a certain spatial area. The connection is stronger as the distance between these elements is smaller (although there are experiments in the world of elementary particles that prove that distances would not be so important, because certain energetic effects and influences can be transmitted instantly to any corner of the universe!). At the level of the Solar System, the mutual influence that celestial bodies exert on each other is evident, each evolving within the orbital limits imposed by gravitational attraction, as a result of the attractive forces exerted by all the planets in the system.

Astrology, as a science of the past, which is experiencing an increasing revival today, emphasized the particularly important role that planets, asteroids and other celestial bodies (including those that occasionally crossed our planetary system, such as comets or meteorites) exert on life on earth and events, both on individual and macro-social scales. Certain wars, periods of drought, famine or epidemics were correlated with certain positions of the stars, and confirmed by the events that actually occurred.

Today, scientists are increasingly considering the influence of planetary factors on certain aspects of life on Earth. Beyond any metaphysical speculation, celestial bodies silently and mysteriously “leave their mark” on us, modulating our mood, physical and psychic tone, but also more general aspects such as weather, global thermal regime, etc.
The Moon is the celestial body closest to Earth. It is very natural that its influence constitutes a leading astronomical factor in the unfolding of life on our planet. The connection between the moon and tides, plant growth cycles, emotional moods, and other individual or global events has been well known for hundreds of years. Today, more and more people take into account the phases of the Moon and certain planetary influences when setting their daily schedule.

In a deeper sense, modern science amply demonstrates that we live in an eminently energetic universe, in which dense matter is but a particular case. In this context, the postulates of astrology appear as particularly valuable tools that can help us, if we take them into account, to wisely lead our lives, programming our activities according to certain planetary influences.
Let’s start with the study of the Moon and how this star leaves its mark on our daily lives:

Moon phases
New Moon

: is the phase in which the Moon is on the same linear direction as the Sun and Earth, with the Sun being between the two. Thus, the Moon is apparently invisible from Earth. This aspect lasts about 1 day, and the corresponding night is called “the night without the Moon”, or in the Indian esoteric tradition, “the night of Shiva” (Lord of the Universe). The lunar energies being diminished, it is a period of maximum yang-type energies, which predispose to action on an emotional, subtle – energetic plane; Now we have the opportunity, through the power of firmly directed thoughts or meditations, to overcome in force our own unconscious conditioning, our own fruitless or limiting thinking and behavior schemes. We can break with outdated patterns on an emotional level, and we can actually adopt a new perspective on our being and how it integrates into life. From an esoteric point of view, one can now massively burn individual and group karma, obtain Divine Grace, and mark the beginning of new evolutionary activity.

The detoxification capacity is maximum on a New Moon day. You can possibly fast completely, only with water, on this day. It’s also a good time to actually initiate and start new actions (it’s good for the Moon to start rising to actually start an activity!). People react more calmly to losses, detachment is better, and emotions are better controlled.

Moon: represents the period between the New Moon and the Full Moon, during which the size of the Moon in the sky is apparently increasing. It takes about 2 weeks. This period is conducive to starting new actions related to accumulation, growth (including planting, plant growth), obtaining concrete results from an activity in which we concentrate our forces. Systematic actions related to vitalization, harmonization, obtaining lasting effects, accumulations of any kind can be started.

The rising moon supports the absorption of fluids in the body, gives strength and vigor, allows energy storage on an organic and psychic level. And these effects are all the more intense the closer the Full Moon gets. The body will gain weight more easily, consuming the same amount of food. Water accumulations in the body are larger, and their elimination is more difficult.

All symptoms of intoxication or poisoning have a stronger effect now, whether it is a wasp sting or accidental consumption of poisonous mushrooms. The flip side is that during this period, the body absorbs any beneficial substances just as effectively!

The closer the Full Moon is, the less likely the surgery is to succeed, the slower the healings, and the greater the risk of maintaining scars.

Full Moon: This
is the period when the Moon visible in the sky has reached its maximum size. The Sun is in line with the Moon and Earth, being diametrically opposed to the latter. Therefore, the lunar energies are at a peak that lasts about 36 hours, passing through a maximum. During this period, the receptivity of all entities on Earth is greatly amplified, solarity decreases, the Yin principle increases, passive, chaotic, nebulous, attention, concentration, will, capacity for action and discerning decision decreases. That is why it is advisable to avoid during this period important decisions, signing important documents, long trips, with a high degree of danger, contradictory discussions, surgical operations, love fusions (whose immense energy can take advantage of subtle entities with low vibrations), etc. It is a very good time for meditations, for putting in unison with cosmic, Divine aspects, for creative reverie, for relaxation and rest.

Fasting on the day of the Full Moon also has its advantages: now, the body absorbs certain substances optimally, so also food additives! So, simply observing a full fast on Full Moon day is tantamount to a rehab.

It is very dangerous to perform surgery on this day, since injuries and incisions tend to bleed very profusely. Healing will not come too quickly… It is also advisable to avoid intense physical and mental efforts during this period, when the body is very energetically stressed, and somewhat weakened.

Moon: is the period between the Full Moon and New Moon, and lasts about 2 weeks. The apparent diameter of the Moon in the sky decreases progressively. Now any processes of elimination, of breaking some resonances are supported. Therefore, it is a favorable period for detoxification cures, purification, for starting actions to eliminate negative karma, to annihilate some bad resonances in the being. Also now, in this time frame of about 2 weeks, it is best to harvest plants, pluck weeds and parasitic plants. Any form of elimination is useful during this period, including giving up certain harmful habits.

The effects of the waning moon can also have repercussions on home maintenance actions: cleaning during this period is much more efficient and takes much longer than if it had been done on the rising moon.
Also during this period, surgical operations have a higher chance of success, especially if it involves the removal of organic structures (for example, the extraction of a tooth, appendix, etc.). Healing will be faster, and wounds will not bleed very much.

Of course, the Moon is just one of the celestial bodies that influence our life on Earth. In addition to their actual presence, planets also intervene in Earth’s energetic environment and through their relative positions at a given moment. In order to be able to live attuned to universal life, it is worth knowing, integrating and respecting all these aspects, which allow us to act in a wiser way, in unison with the energies of this corner of the universe in which we are.

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