"The Intelligence of Matter" - Interview with the renowned neurologist Dumitru Constantin Dulcan

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Dumitru_Constantin_DulcanProf. Dr. Dumitru Constantin Dulcan wrote in 1981 a book that disturbed the Romanian scientific community and for which the authorities were not prepared either: "The Intelligence of Matter".

After the Revolution, "The Sleep of Reason", "In Search of the Lost Meaning" and "The Mind Beyond" appeared. In all, Prof. Constantin Dulcan researches with the acribia of the scientist and substantiates the idea of a universal, organizing Consciousness, based on Good as the Major Law of the Universe. The bottom line is that our existence is not limited to the physical universe and that, freed from the "the dross of negative thoughts", men can reach their true, divine essence.

Below is an excerpt from an interview with Mr. professor Dumitru Constantin Dulcan:

Q: How did you come to be concerned about these topics that became books – The Intelligence of Matter; The mind beyond, you are the only one who has been able to do so. having a scientific background (neurologist and psychiatrist, professor of neurology and neuropsychosomatics)?

A: First of all, the books cited, even if they have an essayistic character, are at the same time science books,presented in an essayistic form.

Secondly, my inclination to knowledge was not limited to medicine, but concerned all those areas that could give me answers to my fundamental questions about the origin of the Universe and life, the meaning of the existence of the world, its evolution from the first wave of light to the anatomical and functional complexity of the human brain, that is, until the moment when, through man, matter thinks of itself.

Q: What did "The Intelligence of Matter" mean at the time you published it and what does it mean today? How did he manage to see the light of print at a time when censorship was very severe, in Romania in 1981?

A: The book came out in 1981, but I've been writing about it since 1977. At that time, neither in our country nor in any other part of the world, something similar had been written, in the sense of describing the form of manifestation of an intelligence at all levels of matter organization: inorganic through chemical valences, organic at the mono and multicellular level, at the level of plants, instincts, at the nonverbalized and verbalized level – the latter being specific to the human being.

I affirm with all responsibility that the description of the levels at which intelligence is represented is one of the most original, like my vision of instincts, still not approached by someone else in the same way. Defining the intelligence of matter as organizing and coordinating the universe is also entirely original.

The idea of the existence of an intelligence in the Universe is, of course, not new. We find it since the ancient Greeks, in later philosophical thought, in the Gnosis of Princeton, in religions by the term "divine reason" and in many other commentators. Academic science also recognizes the existence of intelligence in nature. The big question is whether this intelligence is the cause or effect of evolution. I had the audacity to advocate for the status of the cause of this intelligence. I was not concerned with the priority of the idea of intelligence, not with its affirmation, but with the demonstration of its existence, not with the statement, but with the support of the idea. And this demonstration I did not reduce it to a statement, but I detailed it on many hundreds of pages.

The purpose of this book was to achieve a synthesis of that scientific information meant to support the coherence and resonance of the world from the invisible to the concrete, from the cosmos to the microcosm, having as an architect an intelligence.

Today a huge literature has already been written that emphasizes the same involvement of an intelligence in the functionality of the universe. It is enough to recall the anthropic principle by which the possibility of the appearance of life is described. The universe seems to have evolved in a manner that is permissive to life. Taking into account the essential elements of knowledge, I wanted to find an answer to our fundamental questions and a possible way forward.

The appearance of the book was made possible thanks to intelligent and courageous people who took, like me, a risk. The original title – "From superstition to science" – easily crossed ideological barriers. When the current title appeared, it was viewed as a metaphor. It was only in the anti-intellectual campaign of 1982 that ideological deer woke up. But it was too late.

Q: What were the consequences for you? after the publication of the book?

A: In the scientific world, but not only, it had an extraordinary echo. In just two weeks, 20,000 copies were sold out. It was copied, typed, circulating both in the country and in Romanians abroad. I have already described opinions about the book in other works.

Since 1982, however, investigations and silence have begun – both for me and for the book.

Q: What does "The Intelligence of Matter" say?

A: There is intelligence at all levels of matter manifestation, from the subatomic particles in the quantum vacuum to the physiology of the human brain. What we call instincts to the world without articulate language are nothing but hoards of intelligence, or intelligent programs. They are guarantees that the species takes to fulfill its own purpose – self-preservation and reproduction.

Q: How did you then continue these ideas in later volumes?

A: First it must be said that in all three editions – 1981, 1992 and 2009 – of "The Intelligence of Matter", out of respect for the readers we have brought the information presented up to date. If time allows me I will do the same with a fourth edition of this book.

In the other volumes we have approached other scientific concepts and information that are present in the spirituality of the contemporary world, such as those of cosmic and individual (human) consciousness, of experiences of clinical death, of modern physics, of neurocognitive sciences, as the great advances made in the field of brain knowledge.

In the volume "In search of lost meaning" we analyzed, by virtue of the scientific data we have, the spiritual and social biological condition of the current man, the meaning and finality of existence in the global context of the modern world.

Q: Popularly it is said that "he died of a bad heart"! Do we think with the mind and feel with the heart? Is there both a mind and a heart?

A: Yes, at the moment, especially after the heart transplants have been successful, there is insistent talk about a
"mind of the heart".

It was found that in some of those who received a heart transplant, new manifestations of behavior appeared, which those from whom the heart was taken. Books have already been written on the subject.

CoherenceIncoherenceNowadays there is talk of what has been called the coherence between the heart and the mind, in the sense of coordinating the cerebral and cardiac rhythms.

Researchers at the Heart Institute of California have published in American Journal of Cardiology (1995) a study in which they showed that focusing thinking on a pleasant emotion, on a sense of gratitude and especially on a feeling of love for others immediately achieves a state of cardiac coherence. They also state that emotions go from the heart to the brain, and not the other way around!

Maintaining this state of coherence for about 30 minutes has many salutary effects: it stabilizes the balance between the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems; strengthens the immune system; it creates an emotional balance.

The initiative of the same Heart Institute to coordinate the coherence of the brain - heart, to several thousand people at the same time managed to reduce by 25% the crime in the city of Washington during this exercise and the cancellation of a bombing of the American aviation in Iraq.

Conversely, focusing on thoughts and emotions with negative meaning creates a state called chaos and is accompanied by all the known effects of stress. At present, the initiative of a Global Coherence Project has been taken at the mentioned Institute in order to prevent violence and disharmony worldwide.

Q: You speak in your books. of the Mind beyond. Are there arguments that advocate for a universal design, a creator and a meaning in the existence of mankind?

A: In the book The Mind Beyond, I did a synthesis of all the scientific studies that were about the experiences of clinical death. Yes, all the studies carried out argue for the existence of a Universal Consciousness, for a spiritual origin of the world and for a meaning in the existence of mankind.

Q: In the book "The Mind Beyond," do you present and analyze the experiences of the clinical death of some patients?

A: Yes, many examples of clinical death are given with experiences that are meaningful to us.

For the full text see the Medica Academica print edition, March 2014.

source: http://medicaacademica.ro

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