The mysteries of a great clairvoyant – WOLF MESSING

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Wolf Messing was one of the most enigmatic personalities of the twentieth century. He accurately predicted hitler’s death, the defeat of Nazi Germany and the victory of the USSR in World War II. His astounding predictions created around him a mystical aura, which frightened and at the same time fascinated. Through his phenomenal power of suggestion and mind control, he managed to escape hitler’s death camps and Soviet gulags. Although his amazing abilities have been studied by scholars around the world, Wolf Messing remained an enigma, a man-legend, known today as the most famous hypnotist and the best telepath in human history. All the documents that belonged to him are today in the ARCHIVE of the FSB and perhaps one day they will be declassified.

I am Wolf Messing!

Moscow, November 1940. 9.50 am. Through the majestic gate of the Kremlin fortress, guarded by armed officers, a short man walks firmly, with a modest appearance, even gray, but with a penetrating look, which betrayed a strong nature. Amazingly, he walks past the guards without being asked anything at all, and penetrates beyond the thick red brick walls. The winding corridors of the palace are packed with soldiers with guns at their feet. The unknown individual passes by them, as if no one noticed him. He turns left, then right, climbs the stairs and in a few minutes reaches the upper floor, where, at the end of the aisle, there is the cabinet of Comrade Joseph Stalin, the supreme leader of the Soviet Union. Arriving at the office door, he stops next to the officer on duty. He gushes to his feet in a straight position and solemnly greets the unknown, as if he were an extremely important person. The man presses the massive, bronze handle, opens the double door and unselfishly enters the cabinet of the most feared man in the Soviet Union. From behind the desk, Stalin raises his gaze and asks in a voice what he sees utter amazement: “Incredible! How did you manage to get past all the guards and get this far?”

“It’s very simple, Comrade Stalin! I inoculated in everyone’s mind that I am Lavrenti Beria, the head of the police apparatus!” the man replied with a smile.

The unknown individual who had managed to pierce in just a few minutes all the control filters of Moscow’s best guarded fortress was none other than Wolf Messing, the famous clairvoyant.

A few days before, he had a meeting with Joseph Stalin who, distrustful of his extrasensory powers, subjected him to a test: to enter the Kremlin without documents and to present himself in his cabinet, exactly at 10 o’clock in the morning. Although such an attempt was tantamount to suicide, Messing immediately accepts the challenge, nonchalantly answering: “I will execute your order and I will prove to you that I can penetrate the entire Kremlin’s defense system! Because I’m Wolf Messing!”
But who was Wolf Messing, this mysterious character, and how did he come to meet personally with the feared Stalin himself?

The child-prodigy

The story begins in September 1899, in Poland, in the town of Góra Kalwaria, which at that time was part of the Russian Empire. In the family of the Jewish merchant Messing, a little boy was born, who at first sight seemed very strange to all of them: with big eyes, the color of the father, with black hair, unusually often for a newborn. That is why it receives the name of Wolf, a word that in German means “wolf”. At the age of four, the little boy began to suffer from sleepwalking, a neurological disorder that was then considered to be caused by the phases of the moon. He had often been surprised by the family sitting in his sleep at the window and looking at the moon.

One day, he told his parents that the heavenly astral is inhabited by strange beings who speak to him. “They told me that I’m not like everyone else. That an incredible power is hidden within me, and that all of them, the inhabitants of heaven, will help me bring it out.” Hearing the grunts the boy was entangling, Wolf’s father thought that the best solution was to give him to religious school.


young messing

Wolf Messing in his youth

From the disease of noctambulism, Wolf was cured by a simple, far-flimsy cure. His parents placed a laver of water by his bedside so that when he got up, he had to step into the cold water that awakened him at once. From the very first years of school, Wolf proved that he had an exceptional memory, quickly learning complex texts from the Talmud. The whole family already saw him as a future rabbi. But religious teaching was not at all to the child’s liking, and one day he decided to run away from the seminary.

With only a few coins in his pocket, Wolf heads to the railway station and gets on the first train that gets in his way. All he wanted was to sleep a little after the long and tiring journey he had taken to the train station. He hid under a bench and fell asleep at once. This was the decisive moment that marked his entire existence.

Here, in the wagon of the train bound for Berlin, wolf was given to discover for the first time his incredible power of suggestion, the ability to induce certain thoughts in people. The ticket controller saw him crouched under the bench seat and asked for his ticket. Frightened, the boy looked around him and, seeing a paper thrown on the floor, handed it to the controller saying in his mind, “This is my ticket!” The conductor took the paper, twisted it between his palms, composted it, and returned it to him like a real ticket: “What are you looking for under the bench seat if you have a ticket? There are plenty of places. In two hours we will be in Berlin!”

This is how Wolf arrived in the German capital, alone and without any help from nowhere. Hard days followed, of terrible hunger. The only way to take out a few pennies was to whisk the shoes of passers-by, but the gain was so small that Wolf was always hungry. Until one day, when his frail body gave way and the kid collapsed on the cobblestones. Found by police and considered dead, he is taken to the morgue. Three days later, by chance, a student discovers that the boy is still beating his heart. Bringing back to his senses, he began to shout, “Why take me to the police or to the children’s home?”

Professor Abel, a renowned neurologist who had been urgently called to see the strange case, looked at him bewildered and asked, “Why did you say that?” “Because that’s what you thought just a few minutes ago,” the boy replies. After a few days, Professor Abel notices with even more astonishment that Wolf, despite the fact that he had suffered from a very strong anemia, was able to regenerate his own organism, by his own will. The German neurologist quickly realized that the boy possessed fantastic extrasensory capabilities. And so Wolf came to be known in the hospital as the “wonder child.”


Visiting Einstein and Freud

freud messing

In Germany during the years when he met Freud and Enstein

Under the guidance and careful supervision of Professor Abel and other neurologists and psychiatrists, Wolf began to discover and then practice his unique skills. Gradually, he realized his ability to control people on a mental level and learned to unravel from the “chorus of voices” that resounded in his subconscious exactly that voice that he had to capture and individualize.

After several years of experiments and exercises, the boy managed to introduce himself to the state of catalepsy and could completely suppress any pain. Then he decided together with Professor Abel that he was ready to make himself known to the general public. And so the 16-year-old Wolf got a job at the berlin state circus, where he had his own number of illusionism.

In the first part of the performance, Wolf astounded the spectators by walking barefoot on swords and sticking needles in his body, without even a drop of blood flowing to him. And in the second part, he performed demonstrations of hypnosis and telepathy: he read the thoughts of those in the room, “wiped” from the pockets of the spectators various objects, without leaving the stage, or transmitted at a mental level various commands to the subjects.

“It’s not about reading thoughts but, more correctly, reading muscles. When a person thinks intensely about something, the nerve cells in the brain transmit impulses to all the muscles in the body. This action is not visible to the uninitiated eye, but I immediately capture it and take it under control. And so, I easily transmit commands to the subject on a subconscious level, without having direct contact,” Wolf Messing explained a few years later.

His unusual psychological experiments had become so well known that thousands of people flocked to catch a seat at performances throughout Germany. The young man was the headliner of his show titled “Wolf Messing’s Psychological Experiences.” Soon, his fame spread throughout Europe, and Albert Einstein himself expresses his burning desire to meet the young medium. Finding out that he is on tour in Austria, the famous physicist invites Messing to visit. In his home, Wolf also meets Sigmund Freud, the great neuropsychiatrist who immediately proposes to him to conduct an experiment together. Through telepathy, Freud suggests to young Wolf to go to the other room, bring a violin from his desk, hand it to the physicist and, on a mental level, to convey to him the request to play a piece of music. Wolf has successfully passed the test of the psychiatrist who, delighted beyond measure, proposes a second experiment to him. This time, Messing had to take tweezers from the dressing table and snatch three hairs from the physicist from the famous lush mustache. Slightly embarrassed, Wolf took tweezers with two fingers, turned to the scientist, and, apologizing, explained to him what he was compelled to do. Einstein smiled and accepted the game.

This is how the young Messing was chosen with two famous friends around the world. It seems that the young telepath lived for several months in Freud’s house, where the father of psychoanalysis helped him to broaden his horizons even more, training him in the field of hypnosis and self-hypnosis.

Caught between Hitler and Stalin

messing hitler

At a public demonstration

For years, he has traveled all over the world, offering sensational performances throughout Europe, in the Americas, in India and in Japan. Arriving with the tour in Riga, the capital of the current Latvia, Wolf Messing carried out in front of thousands of spectators a unique experiment, completely novel: he drove a car on the main boulevard of the city, blindfolded. To his right, the driver mentally dictated to him the maneuvers he had to perform. Messing had never whispered in his life and this experiment, although successfully carried out to the applause of the crowd, was never repeated.

In 1937, during a performance in Warsaw, Messing dared to give a prediction that would change the trajectory of his life and his brilliant career. In front of thousands of people, he predicted the exact date of death of Adolf Hitler, then Chancellor of Germany, who was already preparing the policy of triggering the Second World War. The next day, all the great Polish dailies headlined in large letters on the front page: “A Jewish prophet foretells april 30, 1945 as the day of Hitler’s death!” Naturally, this news immediately reached the ears of the Nazi leader and the Führer offered a reward of 200 thousand marks, a fabulous sum, to the one who would bring the “head” of the prophet.


Soviet messing

In its Soviet years

When German troops invaded Poland, a real hunt ensued against Wolf Messing. Realizing the danger, the famous medium hid for months in the cellar of a merchant’s house in Warsaw, until one day, when the inevitable happened. Messing was discovered, arrested and cruelly beaten until he lost consciousness. Returning to his senses only in the dark cell in the basement of the Ministry of interior in Warsaw, Messing gathered all his forces and, by the power of his mind, told the guards beyond the cold walls of the carcera into which he had been thrown, that all would gather there. First the guards arrived, and after a few minutes, on the run, the officer on duty himself came. There was nothing left for Messing to do but to pass by them without any problems, to latch the heavy iron door and to leave the building.

In those terrible years, throughout Poland, Jews were arrested and forced to live in ghettos. Those who managed to escape fled across the border, especially to the Soviet Union, in the hope of a quieter life. Thus, although the idea did not delight him, Messing decides that his new destination must be the huge country from the east. Although he did not speak Russian and did not know anyone, Wolf Messing is welcomed into the band of artists who performed in the Brest region of southwestern Belarus. And behold, once again, his unique, unusual gift would save his life.

During a performance in Minsk, on stage, near Messing, several NKVD (Soviet secret police) agents appeared and, apologizing to the audience, “jumped” him on the telepath. He was taken directly to the terrible Stalin, who had already heard of the phenomenal powers of the clairvoyant. In order to verify his capabilities, Stalin ordered him to enter the state treasury and obtain a huge sum, a hundred thousand rubles, without any documents at hand, helping himself only by the power of the mind. Even under the eyes of the secret agents, Messing entered the Central Bank building, headed to the cashier and, stretching the clerk a simple blank page of a dictando notebook, opened his briefcase in anticipation of the banknotes. The cashier researched the simple piece of paper, then opened the vault and counted a hundred thousand rubles. For the telepath, the experiment turned out to be a piece of cake.

Although in Russia, at that time, hypnosis, telepathy or other such “illusionist tricks” were considered charlatans and, as such, completely forbidden, Stalin allowed Wolf Messing to offer performances throughout the Soviet Union.

In 1943, during a performance in Novosibirsk, Messing was asked when the war would end. Without thinking, the clairvoyant replied in a serious voice: “I see tanks with the insignia of the Red Army scrolling through the streets of Berlin. 8 May 1945”.

Messing’s Testament

messing will

Psychologist Olga Migunova

The only person that Messing accepted around him and to whom he revealed some of the techniques of his psychological experiments is Olga Migunova, today the president of the Moscow Academy of Hypnosis, psychotherapist and Doctor of Neuropsychological Sciences. With the famous telepath, Olga Migunova met in 1966, in the town of Gelendjik in the Krasnodar region.

“I was 17 years old, I had come with my mother to attend one of Professor Messing’s conferences. I remember that day perfectly, as if it were yesterday. The hall was packed. On stage, to the applause of hundreds of people, Wolf Messing appeared. He stopped for a few moments and looked into the room, looking like someone. He headed straight to the row where I was sitting and stopped in front of my mother. He leaned over and said, ‘Please take your daughter out of the room. Olga disrupts my experiments. Wait for me after the performance.’ I was eager to watch that fascinating character, but I submitted to his will and walked out of the room crying. Poor mother didn’t know how to reconcile me. But we did not go home, and after two hours, Professor Messing came to us and said to his mother, ‘Olga has to go with me to Moscow. Her place is next to me on stage. Your daughter has phenomenal capabilities.'”

This is how Olga became Wolf Messing’s assistant and student. And one day the master revealed a secret to him: the lethargic state in which he had fallen as a child had been his first trip to the underworld. It seems that Wolf Messing had crossed the threshold of the world of the lifeless dozens of times in an attempt to unravel the mystery of death. “I keep with holiness until today this paper that the teacher handed me one day,” says Olga Migunova. “I learned by heart all the strange lines and shapes that were drawn by the master’s hand. When he gave me the paper he had a warm glow in his eyes. I knew it was an important message, but I have still not been able to decipher it. I think it is a coded message about the fact that man can exist in both dimensions: of life and death.”

In the last years of his life, Wolf Messing has increasingly locked himself in. The performances were increasingly sporadic and shorter.

serious messing

Moscow tomb of Messing and his wife Aida

The death of his wife, Aida, with whom he had lived for decades, completely tore him down. He was terribly tormented by the idea that he, Wolf Messing, the one who had helped thousands of people, even though he had accurately foreseen the day and time of his beloved wife’s death, with all his phenomenal abilities, had not been able to save her. “Man should never find out his future. Such knowledge could be fatal to him,” the famous telepath once said.

Wolf Messing died on 8 November 1974. Two days earlier, sick and to be operated on, before leaving for the hospital, he stopped next to his portrait on his desk and said, “Well, that’s it Wolf, the story is over! From now on you don’t come back!”

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