The period of mysterious influence of the autumn equinox – evaluation of the soul’s aspirations

When we talk about the equinox, we are referring to the time when day and night are equal in any place on our planet. This is due to the fact that the Sun, in its apparent movement in the sky, reaches exactly the celestial equator. The points of intersection of the acliptic (designating the trajectory of the apparent motion of the Sun in the sky) with the celestial equator are called equinoctial points, and their position is not rigorously fixed. They evolve spatially, according to a phenomenon called precession of the equinoxes.

The equinox occurs twice a year, in spring and autumn. The Sun first crosses the celestial equator, passing from the southern hemisphere to the northern hemisphere, around March 21. Then there is the vernal equinox in the northern hemisphere, and the autumn equinox in the southern hemisphere of the Earth.

The second equinox of the year is when the Sun crosses the celestial equator passing from the northern to the southern celestial hemisphere, around September 23, when we have the autumn equinox in the northern hemisphere (and the spring equinox in the southern hemisphere).

On the day of the autumn equinox, the Sun rises exactly to the East and sets exactly to the West. Day equals night, after which the days continue to decrease in length and the nights lengthen until the time of the winter solstice (approximately December 21). The exceptions to this rule are polar areas. Thus, in the North Pole area, the long polar night will begin, while the South Pole enjoys 6 months of polar day, the Sun being above the horizon.

In 2010, at 00:18, we “officially” entered astronomical autumn. The astronomical longitude of the Sun reaches 180 degrees, and it enters the zodiac sign of Libra. In popular tradition, the autumn equinox is the time of celebration of the day of death, or more precisely, the “repose” of Mother Nature, Goddess of the Earth.

Not by chance, during this period all living things prepare for the months of hibernation, organic gestation, withdrawal into their own being and habitat. The energies circulated by this moment urge us to reap the fruits of the activities and efforts made until then. Now comes the great period of summer, when the expansion of energies has brought us into the position of experiencing new things and relationships, of traveling, of expanding our being, in terms of knowledge, feelings and aspirations.

Now is a good time to harvest some healing plants, vines, fruits of the earth. Products are exchanged, fairs are organized, the date of weddings is set (their season begins, in fact, on August 16 and lasts until November 14).

The equinox is also, from an esoteric perspective, a period of balance between male and female energies, a balance that is felt throughout nature. Now, nature preserves and preserves everything that has borne fruit over the summer. If the vernal equinox is correlated with the explosion of life, with creation, then the summer solstice with the peak of creation, then the autumn equinox can be assimilated with the beginning of the period of energy resorption, which culminates with the winter solstice.

Now all beings on Earth tend to evaluate, consciously or unconsciously, the results of the previous period, the beginning of the year. Then, the energies turn inward to mysteriously alchemize themselves, preparing a new cycle of life that will break out with the new cycle of time next spring.

In us, the autumn equinox balances the tendency to externalize, to work to earn a living, with the tendency to lean towards contemplating inner beauty and harmony. Practically all actions that take place in the 3-7 days around the moment of the autumn equinox are marked by the manifestation of intense emotions, strong feelings that sweep away unnecessary efforts, materialistic obsessions or critical, negative attitudes.

Now, the tendency of the soul is to mirror itself in the other, to objectify itself through relationships with close beings. We become more aware of the higher evolutionary potential that relationships have. Indeed, we grow much more as a couple or in a consensual group than on our own. We also feel more inclined towards romance, art, the artistic expression of our affective feelings, which prevail over mental schemes.

The autumn equinox is therefore a symbol of male-female balance, an expression of the androgynous state. Thus, it can be integrated as an opportunity to access the unity of the soul, completing the Animus with the Anima, which can lead us to perceive the Divine essence of our being. The soul abandons itself to the Self, and we discover ourselves as deified beings, relays of God’s manifestation on earth…

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