The Sale of Madness – Documentary Film (The Marketing of Madness)

Selling-Madness-We're-All-Freaks-The-Market-of-Madness-Are-We-All-Insane-1 The dynamics and physiology of the human brain is an enigma for medicine, even in this century.
The film “The Sale of Madness” begins with a brief history of psychiatry and psychology, demonstrating how the pharmaceutical industry came to redefine many spiritual and behavioral problems, as brain diseases that required shock therapy, surgical lobotomies and finally drugs (chemical lobotomies).
So far no one has forced psychiatrists to scientifically prove that the mental illnesses for which they prescribe drugs on a conveyor belt, would have a correspondent in cerebral physiology.
Moreover, no nutritional deficiency has been allowed to be explored by this psycho-pharmaceutical and pseudo-scientific mafia, in order to explain various mental abnormalities such as depression, bipolar dysregulation, schizophrenia and so on, even though countless independent studies based on dietary diet have been successful in treating them.
Many articles published in medical journals and funded by the criminal pharmaceutical industry, argue for the existence of a chemical imbalance of neuro transmitters in the brain, which therefore requires, for rebalancing, the administration of psychotropic drugs, despite the fact that there are no laboratory tests that scientifically prove these claims.

We invite you to find out more by watching this exceptional documentary!

The Marketing of Madness from Mandy B. on Vimeo.

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