The ten greatest Romanian enigmas!

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004It is certain that there are tangible realities, but inexplicable or willfully ignored, related to certain discoveries made in our country, because to know the truth about them would resound from the ground up great scientific theories and even the knowledge of who we are today or more, history should be rewritten. in the following we will present only ten of the biggest enigmas related to the Romanian space – absolutely shocking and incredible discoveries, but… some of them even recognized as such by researchers and scientists around the world. Why, however, are they not talked about as they should be? But that’s a whole other problem. Therefore, whoever wants to believe will believe, who will not, can only take into account for information aspects related to some of these “miracles”.

– The oldest humanoid skeleton known at present was found in Valcea, nicknamed “the fisherman from the Getic Lake”, being dated to 1 million years.

– An ancient civilization, 1000 years older than the Sumerian one, is located in the east of the country, in Cucuteni.

– The tablets with the inscription from Tartaria (real and authenticated as such) are 1000 years older than the Sumerian ones.

– The tablets in the Neamt Mountains are also older than the Sumerian tablets by 1000 years.

– The discovery in the Sureanu Massif, in 1990 – when a mountain was found crammed with pure gold veins, one meter long; otherwise non-existent thing on the planet, because gold is found only in the form of ore combined with other non-metals, not in the pure perfect form. It is believed that the Dacians knew the spiritual mystery of gold, which is actually a condensed light.

Varful_Omu – A discovery in the Bucegi Massif, from 2003 to August 11: The Americans and the Romanians enter under the Bucegi Massif and discover a so-called hall of the projections with holograms that showed the true history of the Earth, and also discover the “monoatomic gold amphora”, which leads to an unimaginable longevity (a person can live for thousands of years in the same physical body, if they would consume something like this in certain precisely established periods).

– The oldest furnace on this planet, for melting metals, was found in Câmpeni; the age evaluated at about 6000 years BC was also attested.

– At Sarmizegetusa – another special place, according to the BBC – there would be some fabulous artifacts under the site of the fortress (the Atlantean archive!?).

– The artifact under the Ceahlau Massif. According to the author Radu Cinamar, under Ceahlau there would be an artifact similar to the one in Bucegi.

– Baciu Forest, near Cluj-Napoca, is considered “the most paranormal”, otherwise about it being known everywhere in the world many shocking details.

There are many points of view related to such amazing discoveries that have been made on the territory of Romania, and which belong to foreign scientists known throughout the world. Here are two quotes from the appreciations of foreign personalities from the world of historical research, about the Romanian nation!

– “Civilization was born where the Romanian people live today… then spreading both to the East and to the West(…) 13-15 thousand years ago!” – William Schiller, American archaeologist.

– “The Carpathians are located in a region of the world where the European center of the oldest known culture is located today.” – Dr. Daniel Ruzo, Peruvian archaeologist.

Slowly, slowly, it seems that, however, the world historians recognize, many even explicitly, that the first human beings existed in Transylvania, as a document in the Vienna Library claims, about the fabulous past of this territory in the space also called Carpatho-Danubian-Pontic!

But who would have an interest in demonstrating such things?


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