The violet flame – the invincible colorful vision of subtle currents

Sphinx – In a purple sky

Everything that comes to us through our senses and perceptions influences our inner state, and we can choose (if we know how) to be slaves to what comes upon us from the outside, or to be able to understand and control these influences and use them in our favor.
The subtle violet colored current and the subtle purple-indigo colored current generate in the being of the viewer or practitioner of meditation based on subtle colors the highest state, compared to the other colors of the spectrum,

Only bright white is taller and integrative, but this is not considered color.

Brilliant white contains all colors in the group of seven colors of the light spectrum, i.e.

– indigo (purple)

The last two – indigo (purple) and violet have the highest vibrational frequency and the specific work with this colored current (the so-called “violet flame”) generates in the practitioner’s being the highest state of resonance.

Only bright white is taller, but as I said before, this is a supreme unifying synthesis of all colors and not an actual color.

Always, in the case of a technique, the effects matter, because they are the reasons why it makes sense to practice something.

Otherwise, we would fall into the sin of confusing the end with the means.

Well, the “violet flame” or meditation with the subtle purple or purple colored current brings into being the state of transcendence, calm and immutable balance to external disturbances, subtle protection from a large part of subtle attacks, healing of affections, inner purity, self-control in front of the challenges of malicious beings and represents a good preparation for achieving the supreme attitude Adhi Mudra – Perfect Centering or different forms of meditation and devotion.

For the one who practices intensively, it is possible to achieve a state of immutability towards poisons in the physical, subtle or mental body.

In addition, then in the middle of life, the practitioner discovers with amazement how it is very easy for him to take the next step towards spiritualizing life, because he is no longer a toy in front of inner emotions, he can understand and control them better and the challenges of inferior people “slide” in front of him as if he had a protective cuirass.

Moreover, even lower emotions and feelings are transmuted and sublimated into higher emotions and feelings, in love and compassion, the actual meditation with the violet flame or the subtle purple colored current being a true practice of inner alchemy.

There are several meditation procedures with this color or “violet flame”, and the simplest (but not the most effective) is exposing the nude body to the indigo-violet light of a powerful colored light source.

In addition, it also matters what colors we wear at the level of body clothing.
When we wear a certain color, the aura is enriched to a certain extent, in that color.

However, it is not appropriate to give this effect too much intensity, neither when we like the psychic effects of the color we wear nor when we do not like them.

It is, however, good to use this effect in our favor as well.

Although the “violet flame” is very important as effects, absolutely all beautiful and pure colors are very valuable if we use them, each in its own way.

And it is white light that integrates everything, so the “bright white flame” is basically the one that can be said to provide completeness.

On the Way of the Heart – Abheda Tantra, several methods of working with all these inner colors are studied and practiced, for a simple reason: it represents an important aid in living the goal (often unconfessed) of any human being: harmony. The beauty and spiritualization of life.

by Prof. Leonard Radutz
AdAnima Academic Society
17 Dec 2009, Bucharest

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