The wonder spice that treats cancer!

Also called the magical spice of India, the curcurma is part of the ginger family, being recognized for its healing properties. Turmeric is also known as turmeric being native to southeast Asia. Turmeric root is extraordinarily rich in anti-oxidant polyphenols, which give it a yellow-orange color, curcumin is one of these polyphenyls, it is responsible for a large part of the health benefits attributed to turmeric.

Following numerous researches, scientists have developed a revolutionary drug starting from TURMERIC, so according to a new study conducted by the University of Louisville, in the United States, turmeric – the plant used in the preparation of turmeric bins, reduced by a third the size of the tumor in mice, but also caused the slowing of the reproduction of harmful cells.

In this way, the researchers concluded that tumors can be prevented from formation and may be slowing the progression of cancer.

It was also found that the ingestion of capsules, containing turmeric powder, led to a significant reduction in tumor multiplication, while the consumption of the spice in the diet gave worse results.

Another research team from the Ludwig-Maximilians University in Munich, Germany, published the result of a study in the journal Carcinogenesis showing how curcumin inhibits the formation of metastases in prostate cancer tissues and other cancers as well. in previous studies, Dr. Beatrice Bachmeier has shown that curcumin significantly reduces the incidence of metastasis of lung cancer in patients of Breast cancer and wanted to expand the scope to determine if men suffering from prostate cancer could benefit in a similar way from this treatment.

Statistics show that prostate cancer is one of the most common malignancies in the Western world and is often diagnosed only after metastatic tumors have formed in other organs.

It has been found that the polyphenols in curcumin alter gene expression to cancel out the carcinogenic effects of pro-inflammatory proteins. The study was designed to determine the effectiveness of curcumin in preventing prostate cancer metastases and to determine exactly how the compound worked at the cellular level. Both prostate and breast cancers are associated with an increase in the level of pro-inflammatory cytokines, CXCL 1 and CXCL 2 and are believed to spread throughout the body to other organs and tissues by releasing these chemical messengers.

The study team found that curcumin alters the expression of these two destructive proteins and directly inhibits the spread of prostate cancer cells.

Dr. Bachmeier concluded from these Studies: “Due to the action of curcumin, tumor cells synthesize smaller amounts of cytokines that can cause metastasis … as a consequence, the frequency of metastases formation in the lungs is significantly reduced, as our study has shown.” This study clearly demonstrates the importance of natural compounds such as curcumin that prevent the development and spread of prostate cancers and breast cancers through metastasis. The authors of the study indicated that up to eight grams per day of curcumin can be administered therapeutically additionally safely.

Another medical example, is that of Dr. Saraswati Sukumar, a renowned oncologist from Johns Hopkins University in the United States who at a recent specialized seminar, highlighted the incredible ability of curcumin to fight diabetes, inflammation and even cancer, without causing harmful side effects.

Dr. Saraswati Sukumar’s passion for turmeric is partly rooted in the fact that this spice has long been used in traditional Indian cuisine. Dr. Sukumar’s studies on curcumin, led to some fascinating discoveries about the vast or therapeutic potential; also Dr. Sukumar, recommends using this spice as frequently as possible in our daily diet, in order to take full advantage of its miraculous properties.

Besides the repression of inflammatory pain and the rapid recovery of wound healing, turmeric is a seemingly miraculous anti-cancer nutrient of the highest order.

The health benefits of Curcumin do not stop there, besides being used with very good results in the fight against cancer, it can be successfully used in a multitude of conditions, when administered in therapeutic doses.


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