Tripura Sundari - the great divine power or goddess of beauty, love and harmony

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Tripura Sundari is the third great divine power out of the ten Maha Vidya- "the three times beautiful"

manifestation of divine beauty,

of full harmony

of pure love and grace.

Meaning of name

Tripura Sundari - "Tripura" is composed of "pura", which means "fortress" or "city" and "tri", which means "three times".

"Sundari" comes from "sundara", which means: "beauty", "perfection", "splendor". Therefore, Tripura Sundari could be translated as "the one whose beauty is known in the three cities or cities" , as a metaphor for the three worlds: physical, subtle (astral) and causal, over which Tripura Sundari manifests sovereignty. In other words, it is sovereign over the physical and bioenergetic body, but also over thoughts and emotions.

In the tantric tradition there are many situations in which we find the idea of bringing together three aspects in one, such as:

  • Trilingam (referring to the three aspects of the universal lingam, which are: svayambhu lingam, bana lingam and itara lingam)
  • Trishakti (referring to the three fundamental energies of God in manifestation: iccha shakti- the energy of the will, jnana shakti - the energy of knowledge, and kriya shakti - the energy of action)
  • The three states of consciousness: the state of awakening, the state of sleep with dreams and the state of deep sleep, without dreams, symbolized in tantra as the spiritual lights of Fire, of the Moon and of the Sun.

Tripura Sundari is the mistress of these worlds and has the ability to transcend them completely.

She can be adored in several poses

Tripura Sundari admirată ca:

  • Bala- the young girl of 16 years,
  • Lalita - the one who "manifests the universe as a divine game - lala" and
  • Rajarajeshwari- the one who knows the mysteries of manifestation (because she herself manifests them).

Bala- the young girl of 16 years

Tripura Sundari - The beauty of the three worlds - The Hitavada

This hypostasis of hers is also known as Shodasi, which means "sixteen".

It is the expression of the woman full of happiness, delight, playful, eager to experience anything, fascinating and attractive.

It is distinguished by beauty and kindness, but especially by innocence and purity, qualities that it is necessary to cultivate in order to easily advance on the spiritual path.

Lalita - " the one that is playing"

Tripura Sundari - One of the 10 Mahavidyas | Goddess, Durga goddess, Gods and goddesses

Lalita means " the one that is played" , reminding us of the cosmic game Lila, through which the whole existence is seen as a game in which we, as divine beings, each play our part for a certain period of time. But, it draws our attention not to forget that it is just a game and calls us back within ourselves, to our essence, to our true unlimited nature, the Infinite within us. The Whole Manifestation is a beautiful and charming game that can distract us so that we forget about our true nature.

Tripura Sundari teaches us to discover happiness within us, helps us awaken our soul and leads us to know the miracle that happiness, love and divine harmony within us impregnate everything around us. It represents the infinite divine love that leads us to spiritual freedom.

Rajarajeshvari or "the ruler of all Creation"

ૐ~Sri Lalita Tripura Sundari~ૐ - White country | Facebook

Tripura Sundari under the hypostasis of Rajarajeshvari or "the governess of all Creation".

Her state of sovereignty refers to the power of control over the manifestation because She herself is the Manifesting Power, to know what are the correct, beneficial, divinely integrated actions and to act only in this direction.

We can relate to it when we are in a position to make important decisions, to make the best choice.

The qualities that represent Tripura Sundari

lalitha tripura sundari devi | Journeying to the Goddess

Tripura Sundari is the manifestation of illuminating and liberating beauty

For the Wise Seeker, the beauty of Tripura Sundari is divine, illuminating and liberating, but for the obtuse, closed and evil, His beauty is either chaining or repulsive.

Beauty is associated with the feminine nature, with the beauty of the woman understood as a theophany, a manifestation of God on the physical plane, in duality.

Tripura Sundari is an expression of the divine beauty and perfection that springs from our soul, of the one who cultivates beauty and perfection as an expression of the inner state.

This attitude brings us closer to the divine, to something that is not affected by the passage of time, but on the contrary, with the passage of time it becomes brighter and brighter. And in the end, it leads us to perfection. Any aspect related to the exterior, to the physical appearance, to appearances is fleeting, limited and imperfect .

The beauty and miracle that we discover in ourselves and manifest, comes to pervade the surrounding world. Only when we find in ourselves beauty, perfection, love will we recognize it and we will find it outside as well. Otherwise, we could be surrounded by all this but we cannot recognize them because we do not have the spiritual possibility to enjoy them. Thanks to the impurities that we have at the level of the mental or causal body, meaning thoughts, emotions and meanings, we can have a misunderstanding of the surrounding world, we can attribute to it wrong meanings. But when we are closer to the purity and perfection of God we can understand the outside world from another perspective.

Pours out the nectar of immortality on all beings in manifestation

Tripura Sundari is the Power - Shakti of Shiva that allows it to manifest itself in a certain form.

It is associated with the Ananda aspect of consciousness or the Supreme or Unique Being, that is, the supreme and pure nondual fercirea.

She is always in the state of divine bliss, which allows her that the divine nectar of immortality to flow through her whole being and to impregnate everything around her.

Stay in control of the five elements

The five forms of God on which Tripura Sundari stands in the iconogreaffic representation are called the "five bodies ", which symbolize the five elements (mahabhuta) of the manifested world and the five attributes of God: creation, maintenance, dissolution, occultation and grace. Thus:

Brahma signifies the earth element (prithivi mahabhuta) and the action of creation.

Vishnu is the water element (apas mahabhuta) and maintenance.

Rudra is the element of fire (agni mahabhuta) and the action of dissolution, transformation.

Maheshvara represents the aerial element (vayu mahabhuta) and occultation.

Sadashiva is the most subtle of all the elements, the ether element, (akasha mahabhuta) and symbolizes the ability to carry us over to transcendence.

Tripura Sundari reveals our true divine nature

When we understand that we are not separated from what is outside of us and that they all come from the same source, which is the Self or the infinite in our heart, we find in our soul peace, happiness and freedom. We come to understand our true nature, that we are divine, limitless, and immortal beings.

Iconographic representation

SAGAR WORLD Goddesses Tripura Sundari Painting by Pieter Weltevrede Blessed by Dr. Ramanand Sagar: Home & Kitchen

Tripura Sundari is represented as a dazzlingly beautiful young woman, who is said to be " brighter than a thousand suns".

Usually she is naked, wearing only wonderful jewelry, bracelets on her hands and ankles, earrings, rings, necklaces, etc. Otherwise, she is dressed in bright red color, as a symbol of her state of ecstatic happiness, of unlimited knowledge, as well as compassion for all beings in the universe.

It is placed on a bed that is a symbol of God.

Sadashiva bent on His four forms: Brahma, Vishnu, Rudra and Maheshvara, symbolized by the four legs of the bed.

She wears a crescent moon on her head, which is sometimes rendered as consisting of her own hair.

She has four arms, in which she holds a bowl with sugar, five arrows wrapped from flowers, a noose and a hook.

The symbolic meaning of these objects is as follows:

  • vasul pentru zahăr din trestie reprezintă mintea
  • săgețile făcute din flori reprezintă cele patru simțuri
  • Lațul pe care îl ține în a treia mână, capacitatea de a influența prin frumusețea ei orbitoare
  • Cârligul din a patra mână, mijlocul prin care ea elimină orice atașament pe care îl are legat de lumea exterioră.

In conclusion, Tripura Sundari attracts us with her charm and reveals our true inner divine nature.

Reporting tools at Tripura Sundari

Tripura Sundari Yantra | Yantra to Gain Happiness, Power and Removal of Worries, Fears and Negative Energies | Dus Mahavidya Yantra

Through the following practices we can amplify in ourselves the special qualities of Tripura Sundari:

Sri Yantra - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  • trataka with her yantra- Sri yantra
  • practice japa or ucchara with the appropriate mantra They
  • Ananta practice - direct attraction of Grace to Tripura Sundari
  • by adoring the divine beauty of the Eternal Femnin and referring to it as a theophany - a concrete image through which through duality we can intuit the manifestation of God or the Conscious and Unique Being
  • through Nada Yoga with fundamental meditation Anuttara with music
  • through the adoration of Beauty and Harmony anywhere in the world
  • savoring and intensifying aesthetic experiences through art, both as a receiver and as a transmitter or creator, especially through Initiatory Art.
  • Japa or the practice of identification with Tripura Sundari by repeating the long mantra of the goddess.


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