What are tests and spiritual virtues

What are tests and spiritual virtues

Abheda Yoga este o yoga practică a spiritualității în mijlocul vieții, a cultivării la maximum a spontaneității și autenticului în existența noastră pentru că ceea ce este autentic provine din Sinele Suprem Atman.

However, among the first lessons of a yogi is the discipline of the mind, so that he can then use the mind as a powerful tool and be able to master (first) and then transcend the tendencies of the ego.
There are forms of yoga in which discipline is almost everything. By disciplining the mind, it becomes a super powerful tool in the hand of the soul or Supreme Self , and then the wonderful results of spiritual evolution will not be long in coming.

One of the major differences between a spiritual master and an ordinary human is the ability to control and transcend the mind. That’s why Abheda yoga course is not SPA and this would be a major confusion.

If someone asks their mind what they prefer , they will prefer any tendency that does not impose discipline.

The mind falsely calls this freedom when in fact it is attachment to lack of discipline and determination.
This is why it is said that yogis concentrate (to sharpen their mind) and ordinary people “have fun” by “distracting” the mind from the ability to concentrate and thus making an “effort” in the opposite direction to that made by authentic yogis. This is why Abheda yogi parties are called Spontaneous Joy Yoga and not “fun”.

Spiritual Virtues

  • Patience
  • Responsibility
  • Intelligence
  • Goodness
  • courage, bravery
  • spiritual aspiration
  • Posting
  • the power of giving,
  • intense, pure and controlled sensuality
  • sexual continence,
  • Humility
  • emotional and mental purity, etc.

Spiritual tests

Spiritual trials or tests are common on the Spiritual Path. They strengthen the confidence, willpower and ability of the aspirant to cope with the transformative process of spiritual evolution.

From this perspective, life is not a sweet holiday on Earth, but a sum of spiritual tests designed to generate the most effective spiritual evolution from all three worlds (physical, astral and causal). The tests guard every transition to a higher level and if the yogi passes the tests, he will be immune to that kind of spiritual test in the future.

If it fails, however, the test will repeat itself at some point in the future, but it will be more difficult to transcend than the first time, and it is also possible that we will face some decreases in willpower and determination.

So, we convey to you that the best strategy is to aim to be successful in all the tests that life sends us and which, all of them, have a spiritual significance related to the accumulated karma and what would be good to assimilate in this life.

If we avoid them, the “unresolved” spiritual tests accumulate, and when it comes to accessing a higher area or state that we want very much, we will have to sustain them all at once (or in a short time), which can be extremely difficult.

Spiritual tests or trials can be organized or determined by one’s will (for example, by one’s teacher or spiritual master – such as the promotion exam in the new year of study) or spontaneous, organized by life itself. There are many spiritual traditions that show how great spiritual masters spiritually tested different students under different conditions, adapted completely particular for each student, to help him transcend his limits or karma.

In spiritual tests, many of our attributes and preferences are tested, and especially – what we put first – spiritual values or comfort, inertia, lower ego tendencies, etc.

During a spiritual test The person being tested has the impression that it is difficult, that the test has intensity, but after the right decisions are made and our actions are the right ones and the test is transcended or almost transcended, we also find at hand the right energies and solutions for the new level we have gained and Nothing seems hard to us anymore.

To verify this perspective we can relate to certain situations that almost every person has encountered in his life. Sometimes when I had a difficult day, possibly with failures and problems, they did not come alone. Apparently, suddenly more issues focused on us than ever, as if the “Spirit of the World” wanted to make a mysterious and surprising joke.

In fact, indeed the universe was organizing for us an attempt that became important by concentrating difficulties – an important spiritual test at which what was required of us – we now know – was not to abdicate spiritual principles and to solve it to the end with maximum personal wisdom, no matter how long it may be prolonged and however difficult it may seem to us.

Examples of Meaningful Spiritual Tests

Teacher occultation when the student no longer appreciates the teaching or when he regresses.
The teacher or spiritual master will speak differently with different students, matching the teaching with the spiritual level of the practitioner.
If the student is arrogant, does not appreciate the teaching, or regresses, it is quite possible that the teacher or spiritual master will hide for him.
That is, not to reveal to him the mysteries of spiritual knowledge or to offer him a softened version, according to the superficiality of the student.

The distortion of the student’s “inner mirror” makes him perceive his Path or Master in an increasingly distorted way, even if he has not changed anything in his message or attitude.

“When the disciple is ready, Master appears…” says an ancient saying. We could also paraphrase that “when the disciple is not (anymore) ready, Master disappears”.

When a student advances spiritually, he objectifies (realizes) it.
When a student falls, he rarely notices it.
This is because his inner horizon narrows, the refinement of discernment decreases or disappears.

That is why he may even begin to passionately criticize some of the advice of his teacher or spiritual master and urge others to do as he did. This attitude sinks him further into the mistake that missing that spiritual test highlights and continually alters his erroneous perception and vision.
In such a situation, the “distance” between the aspirant and his teacher increases more and more, without any change in the attitude of the teacher or spiritual master.


Spiritual tests often require Sacrifice.
This is the renunciation of our own comfort or certain objects of desire in the name of an ideal that we consider important enough to us to deserve it.

In such situations, the dictum is checked

If we put God or the spiritual path first, everything else will be offered to us on top of that. If we put God or the spiritual path second, we will find that we have not actually given him any place

This is because, usually, the process by which a worldly value has made what is essential come second will continue. Basically, what we throw into the “sacrificial fire” are our lower tendencies, ego values, and this makes sense precisely “where it hurts”, where we are weak and not where it is easier for us and where we think we are strong.

Tests don’t generally come where we’re strong.

Our Supreme Self Atman, who upholds this universal order, does not organize a third world war to test us, but brings us into a difficult situation for ourselves, whose particular conditions make the test important to us.

As a result of this sacrifice we obtain a certain spiritual merit and, at the same time, we successfully pass the respective spiritual tests.

Another aspect is that we (usually) receive tests on the direction in which our real interests or significant attachments manifest; Basically, it is enough to cultivate aspirations of a certain type until they become meaningful, and then our tests will be from there too!
We often find that we don’t like our lives because we don’t like its tests; But the harsh truth, then, is that we ourselves attract a certain type of test because of the essential values we cultivate; therefore, we come again to the fact that it is best to put the Path of Transformation or the Spiritual Path first…

Basically, spiritual evolution does not happen if we protect our limits through the desire for comfort.
Evolution is characterized and manifested by the limits that we have transcended.
That’s why asceticism appeared, or Christian hermits appeared, who were “struggling” to evolve rapidly.

In the case of Abheda Yoga, practitioners of this Path only need to overcome their trials and pass their exams!
The synthesis and exam are important events for our school which, in this way, make an important leap.
To take the exam you must, first of all, have the courage to take it!

Leo Radutz

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