What do we do on vacation ?

1. It’s good to aim to practice yoga

and to aim to practice yoga in the middle of life.

The holiday is a spontaneous test – whether we want it or not.

What do we do when no one limits us, when we can freely choose whatever we want to do?

If we don’t do anything spiritual, it means that either we don’t have the affinity for what they really deserve—which would be serious,
or that we do not have the awakening necessary to remember the “Great Love”, being busy with the “little loves”.

That is, it is a super opportunity to do yoga, not only exercises but also in the middle of life:
to properly savor beauty, to filter impurity and to give ourselves our true measure of the power to truly live.

It’s good to have tapas and maintain it, except for the spiritual camps when the program is so complex that it is itself a tapas.
That is, it is good to assume tapas so that during the spiritual camps we are free from them.

2. Let’s follow online the activities of the academy during our vacation because they have a practical purpose.

Our vacation may not coincide as a period with everyone’s vacation and during it the courses continue and important things are taught, maybe even unrepeatable.

3. Let us not forget to love,

let us not forget our friends, beloved beings and loved ones… or God.

4. If we have the opportunity, let’s make love with the absolute continent, with love and,

in fact, with the 5 conditions of perfect love.

5. To be active and wise, not Tamasic and inert, because a gradual “falling asleep” can occur that prevents us from truly enjoying ourselves and living to the fullest.

If we do not succeed in this, it will mean that the holiday does not really have a beneficial effect!
Life will not lead us on the path of fullness but on the path of outward transformative tests and impulses, because we prove that if they do not exist, we do not manage without them.

6. Let us not connect to the spiritual and cultural level of the environment that tends to “swallow” us!

An abheda yogi tends to be a special man, or even very different, in the good sense, from the surrounding level.

If we do not understand this and accept the pressure of the environment to be like others, we will not succeed on the spiritual path, and the holiday will represent a step backwards.

7. Let’s listen – at least from time to time – Radio OM Bun 🙂 !


Leo Radutz, founder of the Abheda system, initiator of the Good OM Revolution

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