What is yoga?

From an etymological point of view, the word Yoga comes from Sanskrita YUJ meaning "to join", "to unite" or "to bind" and is often interpreted as "union".

Let's unite what?

It's about access to the quasi-infinite potential within us.
The wise Patanjali says that the goal in yoga is to transcend all mental fluctuations.
And he's right, but the explanation is technical - it's actually about

Inner, mental, supramental, emotional processes in which man

  • relaxes,
  • knows inner peace,
  • is elevated,
  • becomes intelligent and wise
  • is found.

Secondaryly, by doing these exercises that animate the body, mind, emotions and deep psychosis, you obtain:

  • fortification and harmonization of the body, flexibility and
  • rejuvenation and beautification
  • health, labour power, life force and sexual
  • paranormal powers and the amplification of personal qualities.

For this they are used - especially:

  • asane - still yoga posts
  • kriyas - moving processes
  • pranayama - various methods of breathing control
  • methods of concentration and meditation..

What is Abheda Yoga?

A coherent and significantly advanced system of yogic methods that fully supports
MAN INTEGRATED IN THE MIJLOC OF LIFE and not just the man somewhat withdrawn or who appreciates the oriental refinement.

Thus ABHEDA YOGA helps us to FIND US, HEALTH AND FERICIES, WITH A SENS OF THE EXISTENCE MUCH MORE CLAR (and for some practitioners who have certain searches even supporting them to live the state of "Sacred in Anything").

What is not Abheda Yoga?

  • It's NOT a sum of exercise - there are many classes that use the name "yoga" but are, in fact, gymnastics or stretching in an atmosphere with oriental iz (at least pilates uses another name and does not abuse the term "yoga")
  • It is not something intended only for the inactive and withdrawn but, above all, for the active, powerful and adaptable;
  • It is NOT a religion - although there is a branch of yogic practices - bhakti yoga - that offers concrete advice to achieve devotion - whatever religious branch we believe we belong to
  • It is NOT orientalism and, although it uses oriental words or concepts, traditional authentic Abheda Yoga has systematized itself as a universal method, valid here as anywhere in the Universe.

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