WHO DIES? by Pablo Neruda

“He who turns into the slave of habit dies a little by little, following the same trajectories every day; he who does not change his existence; who does not risk building something new; he who does not talk to people he does not know.

He dies a little bit who makes television a guru.

Dies a little by little who avoids passion, who prefers black on white and points on the “i” instead of a whirlwind of emotions, those emotions that teach the eyes to shine, the sigh to smile and that release the feelings of the heart.

He who does not leave when he is unhappy in his work dies a little while; who does not risk quarrel for the uncertain, in order to fulfill a dream; who cannot afford at least once in his life not to listen to the “responsible” advice.

WHO DIES? by Pablo Neruda

He who does not travel dies little by little; who does not read; who does not listen to music; he who does not seek the grace of himself.

He who destroys his love dies a little bit; who does not allow himself to be helped.

WHO DIES? by Pablo Neruda

He dies a little by little who spends his days crying for mercy and loathing the rain, which never ceases.

It dies little by little whoever abandons a project before it has begun; who does not ask for fear of embarrassment, and who does not answer even if he knows the question. We avoid death little by little, always remembering that “being alive” requires a much greater effort than simply breathing. Only good patience will make us conquer a splendid happiness. It all depends on how we live it…

If you are going to get hot, get hot in the sun.

If you are going to cheat, deceive your stomach.

If you are going to cry, you cry with joy.

If you are going to lie, you are lying about your age.

If you are going to steal, steal a kiss.

If you are going to lose, lose your fear.

If you are going to feel hungry, feel hungry for love.

If you want to be happy, wish you every day…”

Leo Radutz, founder of the Abheda system, initiator of the Good OM Revolution

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