We are people who seek to find a genuine purpose in life, living

  • responsibly, helping people wisely
  • developing spiritual virtues to the fullest
  • discovering practically the innumerable ways in which love can be the first law of existence
  • addressing Knowledge from the most advanced perspectives

ABHEDA YOGA ACADEMY has been operating since 2008 and is chaired by its founder Acharya Leonard Răduț.

Based on Swami Sivananda’s Hatha Yoga techniques (the first master to systematize yoga to be under-understanding and scientific) are transmitted
very advanced traditional nondualistic methods referring to masters and methods from the tantric schools Trika, Vajrayana and Kaalla.

They follow what seems perhaps the most advanced perspective of humanity, DIRECT REALIZATION, in the middle of life.

Swami Sivananda, is one of the best known yogi masters who has shown that, beyond a certain spiritual achievement, all the wise and the saints describe the same inner reality, with no fundamental distinction between authentic spiritual paths.

Abheda Yoga Academy organizes international yoga teacher classes from 2017 and courses for hundreds of practitioners at an international academic level.

Acharya Leonard

Acharya Leonard

The president of the yoga academy and, for us, our master

Abheda Instructors

Florentina Georgescu

Tania Brândșoiu

Cristina Stoian

Alina Crișan

Andreea Mudaoar

Alina Moise

Cristi Stoicescu

Manuela C

Mihaela Murgu

Iuliana Achiței

The AdAnima Academic Society does not engage in political combat, does not have and does not wish to have links with secret or “discreet” societies and does NOT have any purpose with them.

Our message is addressed to all people, whether they believe in God or are atheists, regardless of religion, race, gender or age.