Why “look within”?

“The self is refuge


and resource”.


A practical explanation

when “going hard” with life.


Why “look within”?


1. Because

“When I look outside I fall asleep
And when I look inside I wake up.”


2. Assuming that we do not feel anything special when we turn inward

And outwardly we have the impression that they are

all our miracles, rewards, and salvations,

When we finally meet them, we will find

– that to enjoy them
We need to “look within”

because otherwise they offer less and less

the more we externalize ourselves;


that we can feel a lot
Even without what we think is precious on the outside

and that we can feel next to nothing with everything we thought could make us happy from the outside

– that the exterior demands from us qualities that, if we do not have them natively already,

we can only hope to improve them by turning inward;

In fact, this is the meaning of the existence of infinity within us


– that is, the deeper we are,

the more intense and refined what we can manifest,

to however intense or refined.

And it takes longer. to however much.


And we are ever more awake, more aware and wiser.

Even if we want to be “of the world”, to enjoy “stuff”, to shine overwhelmingly, to “turn out” things better and better, to make sense of what we gain, whether we are interested in yoga or not,

It is still necessary to “look within”.

However, whether you like it or not, “inward” is the only viable way.


The exterior offers something only if the interior is deep.

If not, the exterior offers less and less to nothing.




Acharya Leo Radutz,

founder of the Abheda system,

the initiator of the Good OM Revolution

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