Work is love brought to light! Kahlil Gibran

The most common form of love is work!

True, not many people think this way, but we are sure that the future of humanity will be permeated by this truth.
Moreover, in situations where man does not act towards others with love, but only for so-called profit, then he performs a sui generis theft.

The goal of work is not profit, but integration into the great circuit of spontaneous love, offering others the materialized form of our love, the product of work, which has the role of helping, supporting, comforting, cheering, healing – our neighbor.

For example, when work is love brought to light, a baker who makes bread for his fellow citizens, if he is conscious and responsible, seeks to manufacture – within the limits of the financial profitability to which competition subjects him – a bread as good, nutritious, healthy or even healing as possible and NOT a toxic bread, infested with parasites, molds or other harmful organisms, performing a service to the community and living with intensity the joy of offering a good and beneficial thing to other people.

He will fix, within the limits of the possibilities offered by commercial conditions, a fair price that will enable him to sustain his activity and allow his materialized love – the product of work – to be naturally accessible to those who need it (unlike those who would fix the price at the maximum that the market allows, which is their only creed and criterion).

He is only apparently alone, because he is integrated into a circuit in which everyone realizes his share of service to others, help and love for others, each supporting and being supported by this veritable chain of love.

In addition, referring to the millennial spiritual tradition, karma yoga or spontaneous yoga of daily life of detachment from the fruits of our actions (without being indifferent) and offering these fruits to the Divine is a royal way of access to God.

The words of Kahlil Gibran – Sufi poet – are here golden and dripping, for those who “have ears to hear”, splashes of light in our lives.

Then a worker said, “Tell us about Work.”
And he answered, saying:
“Work to keep up with the rhythm of the earth and its soul,
For to idle means to remain alien to the seasons, to step out of the hall of life that advances majestically and in noble submission to infinity.

When you work you become a whistle, through which the murmur of hours changes into songs,
Who among you would like to be a mute and quiet reed when everything is singing in unison?

You have always been told that work is a curse and toil a misfortune,
But I assure you that, by working, you are putting into action a part of the farthest dream of the earth, which was destined for you when this dream was born.
And by staying united in work, you truly love life
And loving life through work means that you have been initiated into the innermost mystery of living.
But if, in pain, you curse the hour of your birth, and the burden of the flesh feel like a stigma on your forehead, then, I assure you, only sweat will wash away sin from your face.

You have been told before that life is only darkness and in your weakness you always repeat the words of the exhausted
But I tell you that life really is darkness only when it lacks bestowal.
That all bestowal is blind when there is no science,
That all science is vain if it lacks work,
That all work is empty without love,
And when you work with love, you bond with yourself, with each other, and together with the Creator.

But what does it mean to work with love?

It means weaving fabric with threads spun from your soul, as if your girlfriend had to wear it,
It means building a house reluctantly, as if your girlfriend should inhabit it,
It means to sow the grains tenderly, and the ears to reap them with joy, as if your beloved had to eat the warm bread,
It means putting a piece of your soul into everything you do
And know that all the happy dead are around you, watching over you.

I have often heard you say, as if you were speaking in your sleep: “He who cuts marble, and who finds in it the very image of his soul, is greater than he who labors on the field,
And the one who catches the rainbow and lays it on the canvas to render the image of man, is higher than the one who tailors sandals for our feet.”
Rather, I speak to you, not in sleep, but awake, in broad daylight, that the wind speaks no more melodiously to the old oak than to the most unseen blade of grass.
And only he is great who knows how to transform the voice of the wind into a song that is even more soothing because of his love.

Work is love brought to light!


And if you cannot work with love but with abhorrence, then you had better leave your work and sit at the gate of the temple to receive alms from those who gladly work
And if, carelessly, you make bread, it will be bitter bread, which will only half satisfy man’s hunger.
Because if, reluctantly, you squeeze the must out of the grapes, then your carelessness like a poison will spread to that wine.
And even if you sing like angels, but do not love song, people’s hearing will remain deaf to the voice of the day as to that of the night.”

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