Abheda Sangha Natural Community
is the community of those who

  • want to do yoga
  • understand that being with those who have the same concerns is a great help
  • want to help develop methods for amplifying in people spiritual virtues, intelligence and love of infinity.

This community is based on mutual help and complete respect and manifests itself as a spiritual fraternity in which yoga practitioners join forces for a better life, for a spiritual life.
Thus, and can have access not only to the disinterested help of other colleagues but also to pure food, information and teachings, books, therapeutic methods.

Construction of yoga centers,

places of withdrawal,

ecological settlements or cities can be achieved through the Natural Community of Yogis -Abheda Sangha .

In order to be part of the Community it is necessary to meet a number of conditions, among which we recall a minimum level of yoga practice assumed and a series of spiritual skills and qualities..

There is a preliminary stage of aspirant, after which, after a while, it is received in the Community.

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