Congratulations on your aspiration to become a yoga teacher…!

InternationalLy Certified Traditional Yoga Teacher Course in INDIA yoga Alliance International (TTC200 – Teacher Training Course – YOGASIROMANI) supported by Abheda Yoga Academy

We need to sustain our mental peace in any conditions of life, to be relaxed when we need to and with exceptional concentration when necessary and these can be achieved through traditional yoga.

Want to learn how to teach authentic yoga at a professional and internationally recognized level?
Abheda Yoga Academy supports the International Yoga Alliance TTC200 course in India, which provides what is necessary to be able to teach yoga classes in a professional way.

Preliminary registration is made by telephone or SMS on 0727 531 412 (normal rate) or on the e-mail address

Diplomas offer the opportunity to teach yoga and meditation in any country, respecting the laws of that country.

Abheda TTC 200 is an internationally accredited YOGA teacher course, rigorous and documented with an exceptional theoretical and practical level. Adapt yoga advanced tradition to Western culture and transmits methods pedagogical training that allow a good yogi training.

Who’s taking part?

Maybe even you, whether you live in Bucharest, in the country or outside the country.
It’s in Romanian. Under certain conditions it is possible to participate a translator.


The course starts on October 18, 18:00.
It will take place every Friday, 4 hours, from 18:00 to 22:00, and on Wednesdays, for the practice part, from 18:45 to 20:00, for 9 months.
An 8-hour review will take place in the last course and we will agree on the date of the final exam.

There is the possibility to miss classes only once a month and partially recover in a certain way.

This type of program has the following advantages:

  • can be easily followed compared to other variants
  • does not particularly affect weekend plans
  • if absolutely necessary, it may be missing once a month, with the theoretical recovery of the
  • allows and practical assimilation of Hatha-yoghin methods
  • weektime practice time – Wednesday – brings a connection with the
  • the program is also much easier to follow and also has the quality of being transformative from the perspective we have to become spiritual beings and to be able to teach yoga to other people.

Where’s it taking place?

In Bucharest, at “Abheda Yoga” hall at the Horoscope (near Union Square) in Şerban Voda Way, no.22-24, in the courtyard of the “Grand Pier” Hotel, opposite the Church of St. Spiridon, next to a building belonging to ASE.


It is conducted under the direct guidance of Yogacharya international teacher Leonard Răduț, a competent teacher trained in India at Shivananda Kutir in the Himalayas.

He has 29 years of yoga experience (since 1989), has come into contact with numerous yoga practices and has written several brochures and works on the nondualist yoga system. Each month he holds conferences that can be heard at Abheda Yoga Academy.

He founded the nonprofit Abheda Yoga Academy.
This yoga school run by Acharya Leonard has received international recognition from Yoga Alliance International in India and can even offer degrees from the international yoga master – Yogacharya (TTC500).

About graduation exam and attendance at workshops

An absence per month is allowed,an additional fee of RON 100 (for each day absent) is allowed and the recovery of those hours is required.

The course offers:

Over 200 hours of meditation and traditional yoga
Written support for which all lessons taught
A graduation package consisting of an additional manual, books.

The preparation includes:

  • Basic information about nondualist yoga
  • Study Bhaghavad Gita, Hatha Yoga Pradipika, Gheranda Samhita, Yoga Sutras, Sanskrit – basic
  • Practical and theoretical elements of hatha, raja, jnana, bhakti and karma yoga
  • Practical elements of anatomy, physiology and nutrition
  • Sanskrit Writing Summary Items
  • Teaching pedagogy
  • A comparative study of the main authentic spiritual traditions throughout history – yoga, Buddhism, Zen, Christianity – the Isihast tradition, Sufism, etc.
  • About Sat-Chit-Ananda
  • Integration into Self from the perspective of Abhinanagupta, Ramana Maharishi, Ramakrishna, Shankaracharya
  • Asane yoga and basic techniques in Pranayama
  • Extended presentation and practical guidance in some forms of meditation: Anuttara fundamental meditation of integration in oneself, meditation of the state of presence
  • How can any obstacles in meditation be overcome in practice,
  • Meditation in the dark – Kaya Kalpa from a nondualist perspective
  • The 4 fundamental states of consciousness
  • Methods for enhancing mind focus capacity
  • Participation in a 3-day fundamental meditation retreat
  • Individual 24-hour retreat in the dark
  • About Samadhi

The donation for this course can be paid as follows:

  1. A donation of 900 euro/person is paid in full; donation can be made in euro or in lei, during the day until October 12, 2019 .
  2. A donation of 100 euro/person is paid by 12 October 2019 and the difference of 1000 euro by 1 December 2019 – a total of 1100 euro
  3. Aă donation of 150 euro/personispaidby 12 October 2019, then every 2 months a donation of 275 euro/personă every two months four times – a total of 1250 euros.

Payment is made in cash or through the bank in the accounts on the Contact page.

Pre-registration conditions:

– Minimum age of 22 years

– Transmission of a copy of the ID (BI/CI or passport)

– Completing and signing the application form

– A minimal culture about yoga and meditation (this is not an elimination condition but it is recommended to have some general knowledge in this direction)

– A commitment on your own responsibility
that can be downloaded from here
ABHEDA TTC200 Student Engagement

Payment shall be made after the signing of the contract which takes place on a date following the submission of the registration form, the undertaking and the copy of the identity document.

*PROFESSIONAL PROMOTION (within Abheda Yoga Academy)

Diplomas offer the opportunity to teach yoga and meditation in any country in the world, respecting the laws of that country.


Graduates with good results will be able to become Abheda Yoga teachers, benefiting from special initiations, theoretical and practical support from Abheda Yoga Academy and being able to use the name Abheda Yoga to organize the courses.

Ethical, moral and professional behaviour

After certification, it is necessary for a teacher to exhibit a certain moral, ethical and professional level.

If there are situations of proven violations, this could lead to the suspension of that teacher.

More information can be found if you contact us by email at or by phone on 0727 531 412