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My dear ones, if you love it and want to support, you can make donations here for the Good Man Revolution and Abheda Yoga Academy

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I am Leo Radutz , engineer, international yoga teacher and author of hundreds of courses offered by Abheda academy.

I founded Abheda Yoga Academy and the Revolution of the Good Man to do good… better.
I want to make this knowledge accessible to anyone and we chose to offer it with minimal costs or even for free. All Abheda instructors are volunteers who want to help spread the message of the Good Man Revolution.

Abheda has been operating under the auspices of the International Yoga Alliance since 2008.
It is an NGO (AdAnima Academic Society Association for Transformation and Self-Knowledge) that deals with organizing courses and activities for personal and spiritual development through yoga, meditation and tantra.

In addition, we aim to make known millennial methods and teachings, efficient, adapted to modern man for:
Living> a wise life, where health and well-being are natural
-> development of exceptional human qualities (such as kindness, compassion, willingness to help, courage, wisdom) increasingly rare today
-> and spiritual evolution.

All donations are used within the academy without personal benefit.

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