The Abheda story began a long time ago... long before the present Academy existed.

... it began when a Man of Good,like you, decided to devote his entire existence, time and skill to the search and development of advanced and effective methods for awakening the soul and releasing the truly infinite potentials of the human spirit.

For over 3 decades he sought, studied and practiced, and then, in 2008, laid the foundations of the AdAnima Academic Society Association for Transformation andSelf-Knowledge.
Searches continued.

Abheda and the beautiful community of the soul appeared, which gathered around the desire to transform, to be authentic and to helpothers.

And I grew up... and our Path now has a stable and authentic foundation on which we aim to build the project that reaches as many people as we do, a project that endures and remains much more than a memory of a Path of the soul.

If you feel like us and want to support Abheda... Thank you! ... and we hope to be able to give as much value as possible to your help.

Abheda Yoga este o cale deosebită, rară, care poate cu adevărat să ne transforme. Putem dezvolta chiar și ceea ce nu am primit prin naștere și genetică sau nu am reușit să realizăm prin educație și alte influențe formatoare.
Acharya Leonard
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