Abheda Mission

How would we most briefly define the Abheda mission?

Abheda Yoga is a set of fundamental meditation and energetic practices based on the nondualistic perspective of Kashmiri Shaivism and Vajrayana Buddhism and contains correctly described, validated and some techniques revealed by our master, Acharya Leonard.

We can even develop what we did not receive through birth and genetics or failed to achieve through education and other formative influences. Living life meaningfully and doing Good for Us and Good for Others is a privilege, a spiritual opportunity, and therefore skill and knowledge is needed to achieve Good. That’s what we learn from Abheda.

With the help of the mysterious traditional yogic information offered by our master, Abheda Yoga Academy aims to develop

Unleashing the truly infinite potentialities of the human spirit

The awakening of the spirit, the development of higher principles, love and emotions, mind and body as an essential meaning of human existence

Human virtues and, especially, spiritual virtues

So that, finally, consciousness and wisdom may prevail over animal instincts and psychic compulsions

Authentic Nonviolence

Meaning respect and protection for one’s privacy, body, mind, emotions and values;

Authentic, universal ethics and morals

Which does not take into account prejudices of any kind, including those related to nationality, gender, religion, etc.

Application of the principle of “unity in diversity and diversity in unity”

Regarding nations, cultures and religions, contrary to current trends to make everything uniform on the planet; Just as we rejoice that there are many different animals on the planet and we fight for species not to disappear, so we must fight for nations, cultures and religions not to disappear and to know a respectful adequacy necessary to live together within the same planetary culture

Humanitarian aid

The civic spirit in which the good of the community is important for everyone and unleashing the human spirit by overcoming barriers of prejudice related to nationality, religion, race, material or social achievements, focusing on what really matters in our lives

Draining the environment we live in through wise agriculture, industry and food

To give us health and help stabilize Earth’s climate

Genuine education and training

Which awakens the soul and spirit and which truly prepares man for existence in all its aspects and develops True Knowledge

Harmonizing pollution and increasing the earth’s population only and only through education and awakening of the spirit

Man will then make the necessary and appropriate decisions on his own.

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