Yoga for children

The yoga course for children creates the context for the little ones to be able to manifest or master their thoughts and emotions and to develop harmoniously from all points of view: body, mental and spiritual.
It gives them the strength and understanding to show mental and spiritual qualities.
Yoga teaches them to develop their emotional intelligence,learn to cooperate,trust their own.
It helps increase creativity and concentration.
They develop positive behaviors based on patience, perseverance, empathy and love.


  • improving school results and performance;
  • inner tranquility even in restless activity;
  • development of a harmonious ethical and moral basis.

The yoga class consists of

Dynamic exercises, Salutation of the Sun and earth, yoga posts, mini relaxation and games. The relaxed atmosphere encourages children to relax and have fun, while developing strength, coordination, flexibility and balance.

At the heart of yoga classes for children is movement and every moment is full of story and play. The values of the little child are built by the story we tell and that is why we attach great importance to the story frame every hour.

Each yoga class takes place in a specific order:

laying, greeting, heating, stretching and bending exercises, exercises that ensure a correct outfit, ample movements that mimic animals, exercises that help develop the nervous system, rollovers, rotations, jumps, relaxation, breathing exercises, concentration, games with ample movements, games for the development of emotional intelligence, ending.

Other benefits of this course:

– develops a balanced, flexible, strong, conscious body
– strengthens the immune system
– relaxes the body, giving a good and soothing sleep
– calms and clears the mind, always bringing the child to the present moment
– relieves stress and tension
– builds self-confidence and in others
– improves social interaction and team spirit
– develops discipline and self-control

Yoga is not a religion and it is not sport. It comes from India and is a development system that is several thousand years old, has survived over time and has developed permanently.
The goal is balanced development and a healthier life.

When and where?

From 6 November, every Wednesday 17:00-18:00 and Saturday 13:00-14:00,
at the Abheda hall in Şerban Voda Way, no.22-24 (in the courtyard of the Grand Pier Hotel, the first building on the right).


The first session is free of charge.
The participation donation can then be paid
-for a meeting 30 lei
-subscription 100lei (/month)


These courses take place at “Abheda Yoga” Hall at The Horoscope – Şerban Voda Way, no.22-24, in the courtyard of the “Grand Pier” Hotel, opposite the Church of St. Spiridon, next to a building belonging to ASEMap

For registration and other details you can contact us by:

Phone : 0727 531 412
TRANSMITE – name, e-mail address, no. phone, the child’s age.

Course coordinators

Doican Mihaela (Miky)

Founder of the children’s reading club “The Magic of the Book”.
Coordinating instructor of the Rapid Learning course at the Dan Voiculescu and Kleine Schule Foundation.
Author on smart Reading website.
From 2019, yoga instructor for children.

Georgescu Florentina

Yoga Instructor Certified by International Yoga Alliance
and yoga and meditation practitioner with about 10 years of experience.
He coordinates weekly advanced groups at Abheda Yoga Academy.
Psychological counselor with skills in experiential psychotherapy and unification centered on adult-child-couple-family.

We look forward to you! -Abheda Yoga Academy team 🙂

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