Acharya Leo Radutz

Greeting! I’m Leo Radutz

“Find an idea that could make the world a better place
and put it into practice!”

A passionate teacher of yoga, meditation and tantra.

I am Leo Radutz (real name Leonard Raduț), a passionate yoga, meditation and tantra teacher.
I am a pragmatic, authentic and determined person to dedicate my entire life and skills to doing good.

I am an engineer by profession and founder of the natural cosmetics factory VivaNatura .

I devote most of my time to my dream, the Good Man’s Revolution, to cultivating ways for people to become better.

For this I founded Abheda Yoga Academy where a nondualistic system of traditional yoga called “Abheda” is taught.
This is a Path of Evolution that transmits advanced and effective methods
for awakening the soul and transforming life into a meaningful path to authentic health and happiness.

Abheda is nondualistic yoga that can then be applied in the middle of life. This is a big advantage
and the reason why many of my students practice this wonderful path.

I have practiced and known several spiritual systems:
Shivananda, Satyananda, Kriya, Dzogchen, Zen, Vipassana, Tantra, Christian Hesychasm, and Philosophy.
Abheda is a system based on Cashmiri Tantric Shivaism, Kaula, Trika, Shivananda, Vajrayana Nondualistic Tantric Buddhism and Christian Hesychasm.

Such a system is possible because authentic ways use and describe the same ultimate reality and the same structure of the universe and the human being.

The Power of Abheda Yoga School
consists of
The deep connection of many nondualistic methods
and in the fact that a spirituality is practiced in the midst of life, not in retreat and mortification.

My motivation is not to make a clone of a system that exists, but to offer something that doesn’t exist yet.
with consistency, efficiency and simplicity.

And authentically, “really”!

We teach yoga under the aegis of the International Yoga Alliance,
with TTC 200 and TTC 500 certification obtained at Shivananda school, in India and Austria
and having the accreditation to train international yoga masters, ATTC500.

I want to share over 30 years of study and practice in this field with those eager for a significant transformation!

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