Group spiritual evolution can be VERY FAST

Anyone can find that it is USUALLY much easier to get results when we come to the gym and do yoga together.
The influence of the spiritual group (especially when it acts in unison) and of the spiritual teacher or master can be so important that the results are much greater, more significant, more intense than if we acted alone.

How important is this phenomenon?

The effect can be huge, the efficiency of our efforts can be 10-100 or even 1000 times higher.

Sometimes the effect of group action makes the difference between “nothing” (zero efficiency) and ultimate spiritual realization (effective “infinite”).

I have often noticed that everyone goes through the spiritual path alone and that no one can go through it for us.

Yes, it’s true, but as “alone” as we are on our own path, “colleagues” and “teachers” (and they “alone” on their way) can have a great influence, whether we want it or not.
The company of people with spiritual preoccupations is a wonderful method to increase our spiritual aspiration and to evolve spiritually rapidly.
In this sense is significant a quote from matthew’s gospel,

(Matthew 18)
19. Again I say to you that if two of you will bow down on earth in respect to something they will ask for, it will be given to them by My Father, who is in heaven.
20. That where two or three are gathered together in My name, there I am in the midst of them.

To connect to the spiritual effort or aspiration of a group also requires discernment in order to preserve our own quest and our own transforming energies, but an awake spirit succeeds ceptibly in this. In addition, a group with spiritual preoccupations itself directs the participants towards the wisdom of enjoying the maximum freedom (or, perhaps, even, the “state of liberation”).


We remind you that on Saturday to Sunday, in a special favorable moment of the planet, we will organize at our headquarters in Bucharest – Unirii Square a group relay meditation.

Meditation relay Saturday to Sunday – September 15-16 -21:00-09:00

Leo Radutz

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