Why would it be very advantageous for anyone to practice isihasta meditation?

This method of inner transformation and accelerated spiritual evolution is valuable because:
it can be learned very quickly – 1-2 hours is enough;

it has an effect regardless of whether or not the person has an authentic faith of a mystical nature (whether or not he believes in God and Jesus Christ), although it is much more effective if this belief exists; many people who considered themselves atheists begin to believe in God when they feel the effectiveness of hesychaste meditation;

has efficiency from the very beginning;

– its effectiveness can exist regardless of our inner state or our psychic skills, unlike many other methods from other traditions – yoga or tao in general – which do not have efficiency if we do not already have certain skills specific to the method used;

it is of Christian origin, so natural for our Western culture;

its practice does not present any risk;

does not allow dangerous aberrations and deviations, because addressing Jesus Christ eliminates the equivocation that may exist, for example, when it is proposed, by some secret societies, to address to the “great architect of the universe”, which can easily be a disguised address to Lucifer, as one of the assemblers of the “bricks” of the Universe and not as a Creator of the Universe;

-we feel free in our Christian practice, being able to feel deeply Christian at any time, not only when we witness the Orthodox rite in a church; this also means that, from now on, we have “what he does” in the church, going beyond the usual mimetic perspective that the Orthodox Christian has in the church;

But the most important attribute is the fact that the Christian meditation of the heart or the Hesychast meditation offers, among the spiritual pearls that are its fruits, the chance to access a state described as SPIRITUALITY IN THE MIDDLE OF LIFE.

Typically people blame their state of the moment – fatigue, stress, anxiety, bitterness, agitation – for not feeling well, for not being able to have an inner spiritual state or for not being able to react to life’s trials with detachment and wisdom.

Making a comparison, if typically “a woodcutter has to stop from time to time to sharpen the ax with which it cuts”, analogously, we find that a method by which “the ax sharpens itself the more you use it” is very valuable.

Through hesychastic meditation , any moment of life, whether we feel tired or affected by the soul or whether we eat, drive the car or love, becomes a magical moment, full of the savor of the natural spirituality, which is also Christian.

From this perspective, hesychast meditation or Christian meditation of the heart is an exceptional method, which should be part of the basic training of mankind – and we are convinced that this method will be studied at school almost by every man, as a social tool (not only spiritual) absolutely necessary.

But for these it is necessary to be initiated by a competent master and to practice for a while maybe even longer without much results, until we gain the necessary skill. It is true that after that the results are absolutely remarkable, but please note here that hesychast meditation or Christian meditation of the heart has a certain efficiency from the very beginning of the practice.

Is the practice of hesychast meditation or Christian meditation of the heart at odds with other methods such as, for example, yoga, tao, zen?
Well, if these methods are in their authentic form, there is absolutely no contradiction (but it is very important to be in their authentic form).

We could understand that there is only one God, of all beings in the Universe, but an infinity of ways to reach Him.

The great sages of all authentic ways, beyond a certain spiritual realization, speak an identical language, describing the same spiritual reality.

In fact, the repetition of God’s name and the approach of His Grace is present in many traditions, much more than we would expect at first glance.

So it is not the case to show hypocritical fanaticism, but it is much better and more productive for us to choose from the beautiful divine “flowers” what is dear and suitable for us and to practice with intensity.

An ounce of practice makes tons of theory!


Leo Radutz, founder of the Abheda system, initiator of the Good OM Revolution

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