Cannabis or drugs can't wake up kundalini, but they can do us a lot of harm. Testimony of Swami Satyananda Saraswati

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More and more people are asking me if it's okay to use light drugs, such as Cannabis indicum - marihuana and hashish for deep meditations and kundalini awakening.

What are the pros for cannabis?

1. It opens us to an unsuspected inner universe that captures and fascinates (and generates confusion that this would be a form of spiritual realization - that "it's not good").

2. It helps in certain forms of emotional closure and can sometimes relieve anxiety.

3. It helps or cures certain forms of cancer.

In this direction any effective means is necessary and suitable.

4. It generally does not generate physical dependence.

5. The consumer of Cannabis is generally calm, quiet, is not rebellious, revolutionary, does not create problems in society.

It is much healthier to use Cannabis than alcohol or tobacco which are "very legal" but also very harmful to health and the individual. The latter - tobacco and alcohol - are so harmful that we cannot understand how society accepts their marketing while cannabis has nowhere near these harmful effects on the health and evolution of the individual and yet it is illegal.

The fact that it seems like a conspiracy against the legalization of this harmless plant (from a general point of view) also fuels the passion of those who consume it.

In addition, because the Cannabis indicum culture is illegal then and the culture exceptionally necessary for mankind of hemp or Cannabis sativa is braked or banned, although it is not psychedelic like its relative Cannabis indicum and this is a huge loss for the entire planet.

On the other hand - why is it not good to use cannabis?

1.Many people had the illusion that they woke up spiritually (without it being so) because sometimes cannabis or marihuana helped them get out of the ugly soul contraction they had reached.

2.Generates a trance state in the sparse bodies - mental, supramental or causal (rarely causal) connected with a decrease in the level of consciousness which many people confuse with an achievement; but the state of trance is, in fact, a decrease in consciousness while spiritual progress is given by the level of the state of consciousness.
In other words, we will not be able to use a state of trance (whether obtained with the help of marijuana, ayahuasca, peyotl or self-induced) for spiritual progress if we do not have the ability to sustain a state of deep consciousness; for example, a state of common trance is the usual sleep (!) with dreams or without dreams that does not bring any spiritual progress; abheda-yogis know, however, that sometimes it is possible to dream consciously in which many exceptional practices are possible; the essential here is the word CONSCIOUS (and, of course, its meaning).

3. Sometimes it amplifies the ego and decreases the power to control and transcend it.

4. It generally decreases the power of mental coordination and focus.

5. It generates illusions, or the path of authentic evolution is the way out of illusion

6. It has nothing to do with the awakening of the Kundalini energy

7.It is not necessary - deep meditative states can be obtained perfectly through methods that do not resort to such a thing and kundalini awakening is already proved that it occurs effectively, spiritually and without dangers through Abheda Yoga.

8. It can generate sexual impotence or decreased interest in having sex or lovemaking.

9. It is possible to have a pleasant state but also an unpleasant state depending on our auric predominance at that moment.

10. It is possible to "catch foreign postures", that is, to enter into communion with entities or lower astral worlds, to develop a demoniac or satanic inner state

11. It is illegal and punishable with imprisonment approaching this drug circuit. Many people have problems with the law and sometimes they miss their lives because the natural use of this plant is severely punished.


Leo Radutz,

founder of the Abheda system,

the initiator of the Good OM Revolution


An excerpt translated by us (sorry for some leftists) from the work "Teachings of Swami Satyananda" .
The idea (so just the idea) of using this extract from swami Satyananda's book I took from another site, which also supports the harmfulness of using cannabis in yoga - rapcea .ro

"In tantrums many methods are recommended for the awakening of kundalini.
One of them is based on plants. However, it does not mean the use of drugs. The word used in the texts is "aushadi", which is translated as "plant" (medicinal).
In the view and in the history of India and the Aryans you can find some connections related to something called soma.
People used to extract the juice of a certain hanging plant called soma and ingest it in order to induce certain spiritual experiences.
The plant was picked only on certain days during the dark quindine of the moon, then it was put in a clay pitcher and buried in the ground until the full moon period.
Then, by the full moon, the vessel was unearthed and the juice drank.
This offered visions and certain experiences of awakening the enlightened consciousness.
Similar to soma there are still some well-known plants in India that over time have been misused by people who were not prepared to use them correctly.
Therefore, in order to eradicate this danger, the knowledge of aushadhi was withdrawn. Today we still know about certain herbs that certainly have effects in the expansion of the mind, but we do not spread this knowledge because to do so is forbidden [de maestrii autentici].

Although many people are fascinated to achieve kundalini awakening, man is not (usually) sufficiently prepared and controlled mentally, emotionally, physically and at the nervous level to achieve this. If he uses drugs, his Kundalini may be "shaken" and may suddenly rise, but if his mind and emotions do not cooperate with him, he may have a painful experience.
Traditionally, the knowledge of "aushadi" was made from guru to disciple, but today I do not hand over this information even to the nearest Sannyasini disciples.

Sometime, when humanity will change and we will notice a better behavior on an emotional, intellectual, physical and mental level, then this science may be revealed again.
Because of concern about drugs, I heard and read about them. The only contact I ever had with drugs was marihuana.

I did not take it to awaken my Kundalini energy, because I firmly considered and believed that neither marihuana nor anything similar can awaken the Kundalini.

Still, I had a reason when I took marihuana or ganja.
At that time I was not in Rishikesh in my master's ashram.
We lived in Gangotri, 10,000 feet above sea level, where the Ganges springs. Here it snows almost nine months a year and the water is frozen.
I lived in that place for nine months and every day I smoked ganja and practiced pranayama from 7 to 9 hours a day because it was very cold. After this, I got a very cold and I had to get off the mountain because I only had money and the room I lived in was cold and wet.

When, finally, I got to the bottom it was determined that I had tuberculosis. Over time I treated myself with natural means but, due to the use of marihuana, I lost one of the most special gifts that nature had endowed me with.

Natively, I had the most faithful photographic memory and I was very proud of it. With my eyes closed I could see passages from books in the same way that I would have read them with my eyes open.
If someone had read me 55 minutes a text in English or Hindi I could remember every word , accent, semicolon. He could even repoduc the text to the typewriter.
This memory was superior and it is fantastic to be able to reproduce an entire conversation, even maintaining the laughter or accents in parentheses.

Thanks to this memory I could learn a lot from the ancient texts.
However, after my experience with marijuana I completely lost this photographic memory. That is why, personally, I do not have a good opinion about the use of drugs.

Sanniasinii, sadhus and fachirii from India take ganja from time to time. They put it in a pipe and smoke it.
They noticed that using ganja, sexual desire is eradicated, sublimated or disintegrated. Even households use ganja for this. I am also convinced that ganja has many medicinal properties and can improve certain aspects of health. However, I assure you that it is pointless to use this drug to wake up your Kundalini.

Kundalini is an unconscious force and only those methods that go deep into the unconscious can be used. Soma can develop experiences related to the subconscious and can release a series of archetypes from man, but I don't think soma can awaken kundalini.

Let's say you have a bomb. You can't explode until you detonate it. There is a particular method to detonate a bomb; it's a science. It is also used in cartridges and bullets. If you throw a bullet in the air, nothing happens. Something happens only when a particular process is engaged and the bullet is detonated and lit.
Similarly, the awakening of kundalini cannot be achieved with drugs, because they cannot "detonate" it (initiation).

Kundalini lies sleeping in the unconscious statures of the mind and drugs can penetrate only the layers of the subconscious. Whatever is in the subconscious mind, it can come to the surface whether it's archetypes, visions, knowledge, telepathy or whatever. Therefore, one needs the ability to immerse himself in the unconscious layers of the mind in order to be able to awaken his kundalini."

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