A joke with meaning


A joke with meaning

On a military front, in the trenches, an Italian company of soldiers is in a combat position during the night, while a small autumn rain gently ravages and wets them to the skin. At one point, the unit commander receives by phone the order to attack, with all the forces at his disposal. He shouts loudly in the quiet of the night, in a clear and penetrating tenor voice:
–Aavantiii (before)… !
No movement. The military, silent, did not honor themselves.
–Avantii… !
Again, no movement.
The captain says once again:
— Avantii… !
Apparently, no results. No one moves.
Late in the day, one of the soldiers says aloud:
–Che bela voce, Capitano…! (what a beautiful voice, captain!)

(The nationality of the soldiers was chosen in this joke only for the alleged inclination towards musical sensibility, without being a nationalist allusion or discrimination).

A joke with meaning

Are the soldiers guilty of not obeying their captain’s orders?
YES, they do not fulfill, in this way, their mission and do not respect their investiture received,

that of being soldiers under the command of that captain.
The fact that they are on the battlefield suggests that they wanted and aspired to this investiture, to be soldiers and to fight.
Basically, they don’t do their part in that place and under that uniform, so the next stage will, of course, be the cancellation of that investment.
It is also worth noting that (although, perhaps there is also irony in the joke presented), they appreciate his way of being, his voice, provided they are not asked to do something, to follow his guidance.

Is the captain also to blame for this state of affairs?
Certainly YES.
Of the two parties presented, the soldiers and the captain, the level of power, consciousness, information, knowledge and authority is expected to be much higher for the captain than for the soldiers.
They can make mistakes much more easily, and if they do, it means that the captain has failed to gain enough authority to help them get out of this fall.

What is going to happen as a result of this incident?
Their captain or leader will be occulted for them, so they will no longer have access to him, even if he still exists.
The investiture will be withdrawn from the soldiers, and they will pay for the consequences of their actions or become soldiers again, if they deserve it.


“Whether it’s a child, or even a harlot,
a madman, a servant or a head of the family,
what comes from a master should not be neglected;
who would give up a pearl, even if it is even buried in mud?”

Avadhuta Gita

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