Is the Revolution of the Good Man a solution for global warming?

  Global warming is the cause of many changes in our society. Environmental protection, population reduction measures, union commands under a single, globalist and other authority aim (at least apparently) to reduce carbon emissions and greenhouse effects. In general, the main problem of the great global dilemma is the level of carbon emissions. It is …

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What age is your soul?

Have you ever wondered how old your soul is? You may not even have asked yourself this question, but our souls also evolve in different stages, as we learn our life lessons, on this beautiful planet called Earth. Moving from one life to another during our soul’s journey, we accumulate experiences, we learn lessons, we fulfill missions. All this long evolutionary process that a soul goes through, determines the age of the soul. The Age of the Soul refers to how much

Kymatica – documentary film (2009)

Kymatica is an exceptional documentary film (2009) that focuses on the human and universal aspects of consciousness, and which goes deeper analyzing reality from a metaphysical point of view. What we are living now is a disease of the psyche that mankind has induced, a disease that creates the crazy illusion that is the main cause of pain and suffering. This film discusses metaphysical aspects in depth and connects ancient myths and historical facts with modern methods in society and politics

The meat is not good, I understand. What about fish what’s it like?

“Ok, I understand, the flesh is toxic and it’s a corpse of an unduly killed living being. But with fish and seafood what’s it like? I know that the fish does not feel pain and is not considered meat.” Well… why eat more fish? That it’s not meat is an illusion: Of course it’s meat, …

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Abhinanagupta- the great master of Kasmirian Shivaism

Abhinanagupta was considered a important musician, poet, playwright, exeget, theologian and logician, being a personality that has exerted an exceptional influence on Indian culture. About the great sage Abhinanagupta is said to have been an avatar of Shiva Even today it is unanimously accepted as one of the greatest spiritual masters, philosophers, mystics and Indian …

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Meanings of primordial sound “OM” (AUM)

,,This word (OM) indicates the coexistence of the articulated and unarticulated sound of the heart, and of the melody that is hearable and not hearable – of the reverberate sound and the non-reverberate sound, Anahata Nada. Sound can be described by its triple nature – audible sound, inaudible sound and everlasting sound. The audible sound is the one that can be heard by the human ear. The inaudible sound is that which belongs to the higher, or lower, octaves, so that they cannot be seated

108 reasons to start practicing Abheda nondualist meditations right now!

Lately there is more and more talk about meditation and its positive effects on those who practice it. The latest research indicates that those who begin to practice meditation improve their health, and life as a whole. With beneficial effects, which start from the physical to the psychological and spiritual level and scientific research that attests to these effects, there is no reason why anyone who wants to meditate can meditate.

Morphogenetic field and egregories

Ever since its discovery by Rupert Sheldrake, Morphogenetic Theory (TM) has sparked controversy vividly. The reactions in the scientific world have been so heated that some scholars have even believed that “Sheldrake puts magic before science and can be condemned in exactly the same language in which the Pope condemned Galileo – and for the same reason.

Meditation makes us healthier

Studies in recent years have shown that on Mondays at 9:00 a.m. more heart attacks occur than at any other hours and days of the week. The people least prone to suffer a fatal heart attack are those who show a high level of satisfaction with their work.

Yoga changes our brains

We all know that yoga works wonders on our minds. Even beginners who practice asanas for the first time, or meditate, have felt increased mental stability and more clarity after practicing yoga exercises. At this moment, in the light of the latest discoveries of neuroscience, we can look with the help of ultra-sophisticated technologies, images of the brain, which come to confirm what master yogis knew for centuries, that yoga and meditation can actually change us

Why it is beneficial to practice yoga

For the vast majority of people, and here we are talking about those who have never come into contact with this wonderful teaching, yoga is synonymous with complicated body postures, exotic scents of India or ascetics who meditate in caves. To define yoga, which is such a broad concept, we must approach it with respect, because this practice incorporates in it an ancient knowledge of thousands of years. Yoga is not a religion nor a gymnastics of the body, it is a holistic science that can change our lives for the better on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.

Doubling the Schumann Resonance and the Ascension Phenomenon

Lately, there is talk about the compression of time and how we perceive the shortening of the duration of a day. What does this have to do with the Schumann resonance? Geophysicist researchers have established a direct relationship between increasing Schumann resonance and shortening the time perceived through the senses by humans.

Why is modern art flawed?

For almost two thousand years, great artists have set the standards for beauty. Great masters such as Leonardo, Rembrand or Michelangelo, have produced works of art that have inspired and delighted our senses, being demanding with themselves and bringing their own contribution to their creations, creations that have constantly stood at standards of excellence, thus improving the work of their predecessors. In today’s world, these standards have disappeared.

Sixteen ways we can raise our vibrational frequency

According to the universal laws of quantum physics, everything in this universe is made of pure energy. The energy is in constant motion, oscillating and vibrating at different speeds from the lowest to the very fast speeds. Because we exist in this objective reality, and we have a physical body, we are also made up of the same energy that vibrates with different frequencies.


On Pentecost is commemorated the presence in our universe of beings called pentecost in Romanians and in Czechs, for example, Pentecost, these being beings, mainly, of water.
Although it bears this precise name, pentecost also commemorates the Fiftieth or descent of the Holy Spirit upon the disciples of Jesus of Nazareth, 50 days after the Resurrection.

A library in Romania is on the first place in the top of the most beautiful libraries in the world

The library of the Technical University of Iasi was designated as the most beautiful library in the world, the ranking resulting from a survey conducted by the portal. A little known library in Romania is considered among the most beautiful in the world. At least this is the opinion of many of the visitors …

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The power of influencing thoughts, proven in a unique experiment!

Dr. Masaru Emoto is well known worldwide for his experiences related to the study of the molecular structure of water, under the influence of human consciousness. Unfortunately, he passed away recently, in October 2014, at the age of 71. His ideas have been exhibited in several books, his first book being “Messages Hidden in water”, …

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