The story of the rebirth of the eagle

It is the story of the eagles who live on the highest peaks of the Andes mountains, in particularly harsh conditions; in an extremely unfriendly environment. And yet, this breed lives the longest. The secret to their survival lies in a protective enzyme emitted at the base of the flakes; thus the body of the eagle is protected against the calamities in which it leads its life. Although his living conditions are among the harshest, he can reach the age of 70 years D

Ganesha – representation of perseverance, realizeability and prosperity

Ganesha – representation of perseverance, realizeability and prosperity Hindu philosophy has shed some light on understanding many aspects of our being. În esență, noi suntem infiniți. But in order to understand and adore the Infinite within us (/Supreme Consciousness/Supreme Self Atman… or God), we need to attribute certain characteristics to …

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The heart possesses an intelligence of its own

We are always in the middle of life, we are always subject to the fast pace of the changes around us. We are facing more and more difficulties and challenges, but at the same time we have at hand and tailor-made solutions. The most handy tool is our very heart. But what is the heart and what are its qualities? The heart is the core of the authentic Self, the center of intuitive discernment and clarity. It allows us to connect deeply with our own Self and with others oam

The amazing power of a hug!

“It is said that a warm hug, prolongs your life by a day!” – Paolo Coelho How many times have we not felt better, after hugging someone we love? Embracing can be considered a universal medicine. It has the ability to heal and relieve suffering. Dressing reduces blood pressure and prevents panic attacks, and helps reduce the stress hormone corizole. What’s the explanation? During hugging, oxytocin, or the love hormone, is released

Zen Mind, or Beginner’s Mind

In Japan there is a phrase called soshin, which means “beginner’s mind”. The purpose of this practice is to keep our minds in a state of beginning. For a while you will be able to have the “beginner’s mind”, but if you continue to practice, a year, two, three, or more, even if you could improve something, you are likely to lose the unlimited meaning of the original mind. For students in Zen, the most important thing is to be outside of duality.

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