Authentic testimonies of participants in the yogic Camp Abheda, May 2019

For me, every camp I have attended since April 2017 has laid another stone at the foundation of my spiritual evolution. There's nothing like the feelings there because the force of the group, the Abheda family, is very intense!And indeed, you don't learn in a lifetime as much as you practically assimilate into the few […]

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Spiritual activities to be addressed in the Abheda Yoga Summer Spiritual Camp at Moeciu from Above 2018

We have designed the camp aware that it can only be an opportunity for each participant to take what is good for him, according to possibilities and needs. We aim for the activities in the camp to be punctuated by practical aspects. The promise of having a camp with one workshop a day we couldn't […]

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What is a spiritual camp? The epilogue of the camp in the locality 2 May 2014

What is a spiritual camp or a yoga retreat? It is a call that the yoga teacher makes to his students to convey certain initiations and spiritual truths to them. To this call respond those beings awakened enough to understand or intuit that in this way they have the chance to transcend their ego, to awaken their soul or even to complete themselves in the Supreme Self Atman. To transcend your ego is not easy because it seeks any crack in the process of spiritual awakening on

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Spiritual camp "Yoga in Life" 2014 - Valea Siriului - in "Chalet 14 chairs". We kindly invite you to the space of the spiritual Heart of your Soul!

Dear AdAnima Academic Society is pleased to announce that it is organizing a retreat (spiritual camp) in a mountain paradise, at the "14 chairs" Chalet on the Buzau Valley, Siriu, 120 km from Ploiesti. In the camp will be taught nondualist teachings from the fundamental yoga Abheda - The Way of the Heart (in fact […]

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Back to "Grandma's House" - Yoga Camp June 2013

Between 18th and 24th of June took place the second spiritual retreat organized by Leonard's Abedha Yoga course, which was attended by thirty-something aspirants of the Yoga way. They bet on the chance to spend a few days in a wonderful setting, which seems to urge to wake up... If last year's trip, which lasted three days, was very good, the second edition exceeded any expectations, each managing to better understand himself. " We started, initially,

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