About Kashmirian Shivaism

Kashmirian Shivaism, one of the most famous Hiduist philosophical schools, developed in India between the VII and XII centuries AD, taking over from previous philosophical currents various influences. Thus we can say that Kashmirian Shivaism is monistic like Advaitavedanta, it is theistinc like Vaishnavism, it is practically the same as Yoga, logically the same as Nayaya (another Hindu philosophical current based on the study of logic) and finally it is peaceful and temperate like Buddhism. Shivaism Kas

I’m tired – I need a vacation ! Is it?

It’s a common statement and we’ve gotten used to it ever since I was in school and the holidays seemed like a welcome chance for relaxation.
Most people consider this a natural desire.
However, information from authentic traditions warns us that, thus, we are on […]

The heart possesses an intelligence of its own

We are always in the middle of life, we are always subject to the fast pace of the changes around us. We are facing more and more difficulties and challenges, but at the same time we have at hand and tailor-made solutions. The most handy tool is our very heart. But what is the heart and what are its qualities? The heart is the core of the authentic Self, the center of intuitive discernment and clarity. It allows us to connect deeply with our own Self and with others oam

How do we acquire authentic Knowledge – that is, the opposite of ignorance?

How do we acquire authentic Knowledge – that is, the opposite of ignorance? Knowledge means experiencing absolute Truth and truth about every aspect of our lives. In the west, knowledge has more of a theoretical asepct, mostly ignoring the fact that, in fact, knowledge is the process by which the connoisseur (we) come into contact …

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Tapas of sexual abstinence – brahmacharya

Tapas of sexual abstinence – brahmacharya Absolute abstinence is a practice that can confer: ability to control over erotic desire – what is a lot an important karmic burning, proportional to the difficulty that we could feel if we aim… Absolute. The emperor in the fairy tale “Salt in dishes” did not understand how important …

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Kashmirian Shivaism – Trika school versus Advaita Vedanta

Vasagupta knew the philosophy of Advaita Vedanta and also it is likely that he would have also studied the Buddhist tradition of the eighth and ninth centuries. Kashmirian Shivaism is a branch of Shivaism and one of the most famous Hindu spiritual schools, which developed in India between the VII and XII centuries AD, taking …

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The difference between the androgyne and the nonbinary state

The difference between the androgyne and the nonbinary state Retrieved from the tantra.ro Wikipedia says “Non-binary, it is a spectrum of gender identities that are not exclusively male or female, but rather fall outside this binarity.” That is, they are neither male nor female, but rather outside of this “binary”. But the androgyne what is …

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S-au iubit și au trăit fericiți


SEXUAL ABSTINENCE, SEXUAL CONTINENCE (AROHANA), BRAHMACHARYA Sexual abstinence is an expression that upsets many people, in the sense that… it seems to be a ban that would take away an important part of the beauty of life. But it’s not that far from it, even, on the contrary – it gives us joy, health, long …


The Art and Power to Give and Receive Love

– January 3, 2016 – 14-14:30 and 22 – 22-30 – meditation in unison with the teacher and the spiritual group to amplify the ability to live harmoniously and intensely pure and unconditional love through the Art and Power to Offer Love and the Art and the Power to Receive Love. “Love is a totalizing feeling through which we can feel, even if we have an individual, limited level of consciousness, the state of ‘Oneness in Diversity and Siversity in Oneness’.

The Great Divine Power of Time, Authenticity and Transformation – KALI

The great divine power is one of the facets of the Eternal Feminine, of the Supreme Shakti or Mahashakti which – manifests at the same time transcendence and immanence (that is why it is often presented as a counterpart of Shiva and therefore it is represented with the black face); – she is the Great Goddess of time and inner transformation, being adored especially by those yogis who want a rapid spiritual evolution; -it is a form of real freedom, which appears due to spiritual knowledge and inner realization, due to the authentic detachment that occurs when we experience this miraculously combined state of transcendence and immanence (it is with the beautiful and exceptionally vital and attractive body but uncovered by clothes and completely and directly exposed) and due to the control of the infamous tendencies of the ego; -although it has the appearance unmediated by any veil of a nude woman very sensual and attractive, she is terrible for the impure one and, especially, for the malicious one, who tries to “fool” the divine order and exceptionally gentle, supportive and regenerating for the one who, although limited, sincerely aspires to overcome himself; – she manifests a pure, very direct femininity and her adoration is preferred by authentic tantrics, willing to go through correctly and quickly their spiritual path “narrow as the edge of a razor”. The goddess is often represented as dancing on the body of Shiva, this being nothing but the obvious illustration of the truth “Shiva without Shakti is Shava”. Any humanistic interpretation like – “Kali is triumphant over Shiva” shows, in our opinion, nothing but ignorance, because there is no opposition between Shiva and His counterpart but a perfect harmony.

The Woman’s Letter to the Man She Didn’t Know How to Love

My dear Man, And now you are present in me, the woman of your past, in the form of memories, lessons and transformations that I have undergone! Forgive my tantrums when you chose to get out of my existence, that I was angry with you, that I threatened you, that I emotionally blackmailed you, and that I tried to speculate on your weaknesses! Forgive me for interpreting your sensitivity as a form of cowardice! We rated the breakups as representing a step backwards in the dezv

Love has no limits, no shame, …

We have no reason not to love… because we don’t have time for that… we have time (or should we have time) ONLY FOR LOVE. Time will pass by us… anyhow. if we choose what to love and what not to love, WE ARE WRONG. Because love is a great opportunity that is offered to us, not a severe calculation and burdened by dogmas and prejudices. Not the others from whom we come, somehow, our prejudices are to blame for our unloving but we ourselves are the ones who lose the chance of love, when the pure color

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