Spiritual Heart

Spiritual Heart It'sa concept that has nothing to do with the organ called the heart, which propels blood into the body. It refers to the ESSENCE, the CENTER of being, ourselves at the essential level. In the soul of the same person, as it evolves from a spiritual point of view or within the same […]

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Cannabis or Indian hemp does not help kundalini

Cannabis or Indian hemp does not help Kundalini. In fact, Cannabis or drugs can't awaken kundalini, but they can do us a lot of harm. Most of us know the common, so-called domestic hemp – the plant once cultivated in Europe for its fibers, but also for the seeds – Cannabis sativa . It has […]

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The great yogi Gopi Krishna - about Kundalini

Gopi Krishna, you have been taking steps for years to scientifically investigate the yogic experience of awakening the kundalini force. What is the meaning of the word "KUNDALINI" and what is its linguistic history? KUNDALINI, in Sanskrit, means "coiled" and comes from the word KUNDALA. It refers to a force that in the ordinary man […]

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Thanks, sorry, forgive me, I love you!

  "The universe gave me divine nectar in camp. I felt in the meditation with angels a "rain" blessed by the fins. If I think about them a little bit I feel delicate vibrations all over my body... as if he caressed me... Some say that with the passage of time you no longer have […]

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11 Important Things About Kundalini in Abheda Yoga - The Way of the Heart

1. The Kundalini energy has its Source in Muladhara - the root center and it feeds all vital processes and all our experiences, giving them INTENSITY. 2.

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Spiritual testimonies: about the tapas with Kali and how my Kundalini was "taken away"

Some time ago I missed starting a new tapas with Kali. Last time I did this I had some "Swedish showers" not exactly pleasant. but in the end I overcame the hard times and, I say, I climbed a small step on the ladder of spiritual evolution.

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Cannabis or drugs can't wake up kundalini, but they can do us a lot of harm. Testimony of Swami Satyananda Saraswati

More and more people are asking me if it's okay to use light drugs, such as Cannabis indicum or marihuana for deep meditations and kundalini awakening. Why isn't that good? Because: - it is not necessary - deep meditative states can be obtained perfectly through methods that do not resort to such a thing and kundalini awakening is already shown to occur effectively, spiritually and without dangers through Abheda Yoga - there are also unwanted side effects and even peri

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