Chinnamasta like a lightning bolt – spiritual testimony

Chinnamasta like a lightning bolt Testimony about spiritual practice – Maria, Abheda Yoga student, year 6 Why did we accomplish the assumed spiritual practice? Answer: Working with MPD Chinnamasta, for a lightning spiritual evolution How many days did it take and how much time per day? With yantra and Ananta 7 days, with mantra for …

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Is Shaktipat an objective phenomenon? – Abheda Summer Camp, August 2019

Testimonies related, in particular, to the Shaktipat transmissions that were made by our master in the camp ♥ “For me Shaktipat was an obvious boost to the teacher’s energy. I felt this; telepathic connection and a huge love for us… a beatific joy. My body stopped listening to me, my legs were shaking very hard, …

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Authentic testimonies of participants in the yogic Camp Abheda, May 2019

For me, every camp I have attended since April 2017 has laid another stone at the foundation of my spiritual evolution. There’s nothing like the feelings there because the force of the group, the Abheda family, is very intense!And indeed, you don’t learn in a lifetime as much as you practically assimilate into the few …

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Before I was a real leaver when it came to relationships

When I was in high school, at the age of 18, a desire to know the unknown began to appear in me, so I started looking… Over the years, I have attended courses of: Reiki Inforenergetics Gnosis (1 year) ATIH (designed by Drunvalo Melchizedek) PSY-IT courses held by Albert Ignatenko I practiced hermetism at first by myself (from the book Initiation in Hermetism) and then I was a student (via online) at a school that teaches this. All these courses had their diamonds, bigger or smaller, I learned from each one and they helped me grow… but they all pale in comparison to the things that Abheda Yoga has offered me and offers me.

From black and bitter coffee to green tea…

My name is Andreea and I talk about some of the transformations that have taken place (and have) taken place in my being since I was practicing Abheda Yoga. I decided to write because I believe that any man would benefit from results if he came and practiced this form of yoga – so I do my part to inform how it was with me. I started coming here in the fall of 2014, when I was in a pretty bad depressive state.

“Love the Supreme Being in your heart and do all things for His sake” – spiritual testimonies

I want to share with you an experience lived this week that helped me relate more easily to God in my heart… and I hope it will help you too. I think some of you have already gone through situations that seemed hopeless, moments when you have the impression that you are doing everything for nothing and you feel helpless, as if God no longer wants to “look” at least.

AN ASTOUNDING THIRST FOR GOD! (testimony from the Relay Meditation)

We present you a wonderful testimony (what he wants to remain anonymous) from the meditation of the relay in which the person has mainly made a devotional approach. It refers to an exceptional state of dissolution of the human personality, limited and ephemeral in the Supreme Being, as even the Gospels are said “The kingdom …

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There is life after the 12-hour meditation – a beautiful and simple one…

In yoga there are 2 big problems: – how do you have access to authentic and exposed information from a practical perspective – that is, LEARNING – and how do you make this teaching – at first theoretical – become your own and give you concrete, alpable results, valid NOW AND HERE. The so-called 12-hour internship meditation is a very good method to achieve results through a concentrated, intense and extensive effort. The spiritual merit accumulated after such a meditation is your

The soul exists – even from a scientific point of view

Therefore, it is thus obvious that the seat of consciousness is not in the brain or in any other part of the physical body.
So if our physical body dies, we still exist (but without a physical body) because the structure called “ourselves” is not in the body, which can even be destroyed causes us to be destroyed.

This is a fundamental truth, known long ago by the great yogis and by the people realized from any spiritual path, be it Christian or of another nature.

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