21 common mistakes in meditation and some solutions

There are many types of meditation and these tips are general. In particular, each type of meditation has its precise indications, which must be followed. The advice of the teacher or master can help and boost significantly, sometimes even decisively. 1. Let's keep the spine flexed, the torso or head tilted in any way or […]

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The Secret Method of Forgiveness

The main issue that is often the motivation for unforgiving is the misunderstanding of what forgiveness means and the consequences of unforgiving. To forgive is to give up any desire for compensation- of any kind for whatyou rightly or wrongly believe that person has wronged. It does not mean (although some may be right and […]

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AArathi (jnana aarathi)

I long to be Happy, Free and AliveAnd I feel more and more that I am truly my own Self,For which I am transforming my body and mind,And I discover that, even if apparently limited,I have always been and will be,In essence,Unlimited and Complete. ............................................................................ Through my True SelfDark becomes LightIgnorance becomes KnowledgeThe pain becomes […]

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Mahavakyas- the big statements

These are methods of jnana yoga and this part of the traditional nondualist yoga practice is understood similarly but slightly differently in Advaita Vedanta and in the nondualist Shivaism of Kashmir. This is because Kashmiri Shivasim integrates life as a spiritual path, does not consider the world an illusion but affirms its value of reality […]

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Is meditation good when, however, we are sleepy?

HERE a meditation for beginners We would be tempted to say that it is not worth the effort, because then we need sleep and not meditation. Meditation may seem ineffective, excruciating or pointless. That's right... i.e. then we need sleep - but out of perseverance we can gain a spiritual gold perhaps even more precious. […]

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What does the posting - Vairagya - look like in action?

What does the detachment look like in the middle of the action? People who finally understand the need for detachment as an essential step in spiritual evolution towards ourselves and towards happiness, knowledge and freedom expect detachment to be a serene, impertubable state, without variations of energies. And isn't it? Detachment in meditation is so […]

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Abheda Yoga este o cale deosebită, rară, care poate cu adevărat să ne transforme. Putem dezvolta chiar și ceea ce nu am primit prin naștere și genetică sau nu am reușit să realizăm prin educație și alte influențe formatoare.
Acharya Leonard
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