The story of the rebirth of the eagle

It is the story of the eagles who live on the highest peaks of the Andes mountains, in particularly harsh conditions; in an extremely unfriendly environment. And yet, this breed lives the longest. The secret to their survival lies in a protective enzyme emitted at the base of the flakes; thus the body of the eagle is protected against the calamities in which it leads its life. Although his living conditions are among the harshest, he can reach the age of 70 years D

We can change the world… YES! IT’S REALLY A BIG NEED!

Can we change the world? YES, WE CAN AND MUST CHANGE THE WORLD… Of course, this is not about changing the world according to our egotistical desires. It’s about doing THE GOOD that… change the World. In fact, the world begins to change for the better from the first moment we change ourselves for the better. And, of course, it begins to change for the worse from the first moment we refuse our transformation to perfection. We can never calculate the impact that our own transformation has had,

Tripura Sundari and the Full Moon

Sundari Tripura Day is celebrated monthly, two days before the astrological phenomenon of full moon, when the influence of this star is especially beneficial on our planet. This month, Tripura Sundari day takes place on November 26, 2012. It is necessary to know that the day of Tripura Sundari is a privileged day, being called the day of beauty and universal harmony, it is the moment when the sense of measure and harmony is easily accessible to every human being, I had

It’s good and necessary to be good… but don’t be stupid

It’s good and necessary to be good… but don’t be stupid How do we combine the efforts necessary for our own transformation and spirituality with external, work, and family responsibilities? With common sense and ingenuity, considering that what we do for ourselves is secondary to what we owe it to others to achieve, by virtue …

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Astrology – basic elements

The spiritual chance we can get from the study of astrology is given by the situation in which we apply the information in order to obtain a practical spiritual benefit.
Usually this is achieved through self-knowledge of our problems and qualities through astrology, spiritual work to overcome obstacles and spiritual work to capitalize on beneficial astral moments.

Midnight Sermon

There is an excerpt from an exceptional writing–the so-called non-canonical gospel called “The Great Gospel of John” and which is actually an inspired writing or text written under “divine dictation” by Jacob Lorber in the 19th century.
This gospel contains an impressive number of volumes and a series of information.

Is the Revolution of the Good Man a solution for global warming?

  Global warming is the cause of many changes in our society. Environmental protection, population reduction measures, union commands under a single, globalist and other authority aim (at least apparently) to reduce carbon emissions and greenhouse effects. In general, the main problem of the great global dilemma is the level of carbon emissions. It is …

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About equinoxes and solstices. Autumnal Equinox

Astrology can help us immensely in deepening self-knowledge and also can help us to have a broader, overall perspective on the reality that surrounds us, beyond the limit of a superficial, materialistic vision that does not take into account the real, profound causes of things. Usually this is achieved by – knowing our trends and stages through astrology, – contributing to the intuition of our spiritual purpose in this life, – imp

What age is your soul?

Have you ever wondered how old your soul is? You may not even have asked yourself this question, but our souls also evolve in different stages, as we learn our life lessons, on this beautiful planet called Earth. Moving from one life to another during our soul’s journey, we accumulate experiences, we learn lessons, we fulfill missions. All this long evolutionary process that a soul goes through, determines the age of the soul. The Age of the Soul refers to how much

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