Oshawa Regimen 7 - How do we preserve the effects?

Oshawa regime 7 It is the most severe, but also the most effective of the regimens indicated by the Japanese dr. George Ohsawa (known very much by the wrong name, actually by Oshawa), but with a maximum effectiveness in all diseases produced by excess yin energy. At the same time, it allows a rapid balancing […]

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How does it affect our health, the consumption of meat

Most people live longer to survive, in a continuous struggle: on the one hand trying to satisfy their daily needs, naturally, and on the other hand mobilizing an organism increasingly assaulted and unbalanced by the accelerated pace of life, stress, and pollution. Being in this veritable carousel, modern man rarely finds time and moments of silence to elucidate the mystery of his own existence. Western civilization is a model that many want to follow

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Prasada for the spiritualization of the table

People who aspire to live life by living spirituality in the middle of life pay great attention to the moment of nourishment. Feeding can be a wonderful opportunity and... daily communion with God! How we feed ourselves is just as important as what we eat. Here you can learn 17 simple yogic rules of wise […]

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It has been found that when the pH of the blood tends to the acidic or sour pH, many diseases develop that occur even just because of this one aspect. At the same time, acidic blood is a favorable environment for the development of cancerous tumors. Some diseases themselves generate acidity in the blood, so […]

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Tapas of sexual abstinence - brahmacharya

Tapas of sexual abstinence - brahmacharya Absolute abstinence is a practice that can confer: ability to control over erotic desire - what is a lot an important karmic burning, proportional to the difficulty that we could feel if we aim... Absolute. The emperor in the fairy tale "Salt in dishes" did not understand how important […]

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Yin and Yang Foods

  Yin Yang Cereals Extremely yin: sprouted cereals, white bread, white flour pastries, pasta, spelt wheat, germinated cereals, sweet corn Moderate yang: whole wheat, whole rice, whole barley, whole oats, whole rye, whole wheat, whole wheat Accentuated yang: buckwheat, millet Extreme yang: whole wild rice, germ isolated from ungerminated grain Vegetables Moderate yin: lettuce, kapia […]

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Oshawa no.7 - an inexplicable force and zest for life

His action is extremely purifying;
the subtle energetic paths in the human body (nadis/meridians) are cleansed of many impurities and subtle deposits of kapha dosha (phlegm), which hinders the circulation of energy in the body. This general purification has the immediate effect of a considerable clarification and clarity of mind;
digestion becomes better,
hormonal secretions are regulated,
and the skin becomes clean and luminous.

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HEMP - the astounding divine gift of abundance and health

HEMP - the astounding divine gift of abundance and health In most of Eastern and Western Europe, in North America (even in the USA, where it is illegal to grow hemp), Russia, China, India, South America, the Middle East and many other countries, there is no ban on using hemp seed products. Unfortunately, there is […]

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Laughter heals us and prolongs our lives

Every emotion we experience influences our health. Thus, it is known that fear or depression decreases muscle strength and the ability to make effort. In contrast, scientific studies show that laughter has a tonic effect both on the lungs and circulation, as well as on the entire body. It equates to an intense physical exercise, which puts the blood in motion and generates a general feeling of well-being.
"Laughter therapy" (practicing laughter as often as possible) makes us more optimistic, predisposes us to play and helps us relax and successfully overcome daily tensions and stresses, social or family obligations. Thus, laughter becomes a real element of "emotional hygiene", which helps us to "cleanse" ourselves of negative emotions and to regain our state of candor and good mood.

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Common hemp and its age on Earth

Common hemp and its age on Earth Next, in this writing we do not deal with Cannabis Indicum but only with the common hemp- Cannabis sativa . Common hemp (cannabis sativa) it has an interesting name, because in Latin the word "sativa" has to do with what is fulfilled, with abundance, prosperity, satiety. The consequences […]

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Cannabis or Indian hemp does not help kundalini

Cannabis or Indian hemp does not help Kundalini. In fact, Cannabis or drugs can't awaken kundalini, but they can do us a lot of harm. Most of us know the common, so-called domestic hemp – the plant once cultivated in Europe for its fibers, but also for the seeds – Cannabis sativa . It has […]

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How much water does our body actually need?

  How much water does our body actually need? Need for water... The myth of the eight glasses of water a day has been dispelled. The truth is that the daily need for water depends on each person. Robert A. Huggins, a professor at the University of Connecticut says that several factors must be taken […]

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17 simple yogic rules of feeding

Simple rules of wise feeding Anyone can benefit from the application of these rules. People who aspire to live life by living spirituality in the middle of life pay great attention to the moment of nourishment. Feeding can be a wonderful opportunity and... daily communion with God! How we feed ourselves is just as important […]

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Petitions against the Codex Alimentarius

Petitions against the Codex Alimentarius The name 'Codex Alimentarius' comes from the Latin language and translates to 'Food Law' or 'Food Code'. The Codex Alimentarius intends to outlaw any alternative method in the field of health, such as natural therapies, the use of dietary supplements and vitamins; Basically, to remove everything that could more or […]

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Ivermectin - Proven Anti Covid 19 Effects

Historian Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 2015 Ivermectin was discovered in the 70s. Since then, decades of studies have been done on the beneficial effects in treating some parasites and lice. As a result of these studies, those who invented it, the Japanese Satoshi Omura and the American William C. Campbell, were awarded the […]

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Ayurvedic AntiCOVID Remedies in India

The products can be bought on the internet! ......................................................... The Government of India launched "National Protocol of Clinical Management based on Ayurveda and Yoga for the management of Covid 19", prepared by the national working group in consensus with various expert committees. An interdisciplinary Ayush R&D team was formed by the Ayush Ministry to represent […]

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11 natural remedies for acidity and heartburn

1. Sodium bicarbonate It is a natural substance, of natural origin or identical, beneficial and with many authentic uses. The problem is that it increases the sodium level (as if we were taking a lot of kitchen salt) so in case of increased or rebellious gastric acidity at a given oment we must stop from […]

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Can humor and laughter improve our health?

Definitely yes! When we laugh we literally change our physiology. What happens in our body when we laugh?

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Health and weight control by eating what you want

A valuable secret: the dissociated diet - the associated compatible diet - health and weight control by eating what you want-this article is edited according to the lacto-ovo-vegetarian diet- Most of the energy we get from food is consumed for its digestion: up to 80%. So, the way we eat […]

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Kollath breakfast, a healthy delight!

Professor Kollath, dietitian and doctor of medicine, has discovered the method of making whole wheat digestible [...]

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Clay has amazing effects - testimonials

Argila - panaceu universal „Consider argila un panaceu universal. Deşi sunt medic, prefer tratamentele naturiste. Împreună cu soţul meu am recurs de câteva ori la argilă pentru ane revitaliza şi vindeca de colită, diskinezie biliară şihipertensiune arterială. Am făcut chiar şi împachetări cuargilă. Însă cura pe care am folosit-o şi care ne-a dat nişterezultate extraordinare […]

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ABHEDA AYUSYA: Clay and its amazing therapeutic effects

First-rate medicine in antiquity, clay today becomes a medicine of the future [...]

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Ayusya - Saving yogic method in SARS COV 2

In the symptomatic treatment of the disease generated by COVID 19 there is an effective, simple and free technique that relies on yogic methods to remove dense mucus from the lungs, mucus that inactivates the lungs and reduces lung capacity until man needs oxygenation with pure oxygen through intubation, with the known consequences. It can […]

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The meat is not good, I understand. What about fish what's it like?

"Ok, I understand, the flesh is toxic and it's a corpse of an unduly killed living being. But with fish and seafood what's it like? I know that the fish does not feel pain and is not considered meat." Well... why eat more fish? That it's not meat is an illusion: Of course it's meat, […]

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About Corona flu hysteria

Suggested reaction to corona flu hysteria: Let us keep our temper smiling almost in our hearts,strongly support solidarity and make intense use of everything Abheda has taught us! If we use simple means of prevention and healing, even if we are active and mind our own business - we most likely get nothing. In addition, […]

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