Midnight Sermon

There is an excerpt from an exceptional writing–the so-called non-canonical gospel called “The Great Gospel of John” and which is actually an inspired writing or text written under “divine dictation” by Jacob Lorber in the 19th century.
This gospel contains an impressive number of volumes and a series of information.

Lead manuscripts in Jordan

A total of 70 lead books, about 2,000 years old, were found in a cave in Jordan. Experts analyzing them say the documents, some of the oldest Christian writings, could be a major discovery in the history of Christianity, writes the international press.

“We are analyzing a very important and significant discovery, perhaps the most important discovery in the history of archaeology,” said al-Ziad Saad, director of the Jordanian Department of Antiquities. He explained to the BBC that the texts may have been made by some of the early Christians in the decades immediately following Jesus’ crucifixion.

The full text of jesus’ death sentence

This sentence was found by an apparent occurrence in 1509 in the city of Amkula (Italy), very well preserved. It was in a marble crate that was, in turn, in a metal crate. The sentence was written in Hebrew. First published in Constantinople, then by Patriarch Eremia on April 9, 1643, it was translated from Greek into Bulgarian on May 27, 1875 in the city of Rusciuc, and from there into Romanian.

Evidence of the existence of God (or the Infinite within us)

1. The manifestation of a power or ability by the simple call An example is that we can wake up in the morning, without a clock, using the power of consciousness (different from the power of neurolinguistic programming, or NLP, which is achieved through repetition).It is enough to say to ourselves in the evening “My …

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Isihast Meditation – The Prayer of the Heart

Isihast meditation is Christian, has authentic foundations and a wonderful efficiency explained at length by yogic methods. Obviously, it’s just about principles here, because otherwise, certainly traditional yoga does not speak of Jesus Christ because when yoga appeared, the Savior had not begun his mission as Savior. We have synthesized here the yogic …

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Pope Francis urges us to stop eating lamb for Easter!

Pope Francis is the first pope in the history of Christianity to urge us to stop eating lamb for Easter! “Do not eat lamb for Easter! Among the oldest Christian communities, the lamb was represented on the shoulders of the shepherd and symbolized the soul saved by Christ.Its killing on Easter has no basis in the Christian tradition, but rather has its roots in the Old Testament. It is a bloody ritual, in strong contradiction with the concept of the Resurrection, which ad

The litany of Father Arsenie Boca

From the perspective of Abheda Yoga, the Holy Spirit in Christianity is the equivalent of the Supreme Shakti, the Supreme Power or Energy of God or of the Supreme Consciousness and which is, in fact, inseparable from Him. The Supreme Shakti makes the connection between the infinite and the finite, between man and the Supreme Consciousness, is of a feminine nature and is the concrete and dynamic aspect of the Supreme Consciousness or God. We mention this only to better understand what we do, each of them being able to use the semantic perspective that is their

“So much to remember”- about Jesus – Nichita Stanescu

……………………………………………………………………….. Atâta sã nu uitati: cã el a fost un om viu, viu, pipãibil cu mâna.Atâta sã nu uitati cã el a bãut cu gura lui,- cã avea piele îmbrãcatã în stofã. Atât sã nu uitati,- cã ar fi putut sã stea la masa cu noi, la masa cinei celei de tainã. Atât sã uitati! …

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