Martial arts

Martial arts are a complex system of fighting techniques, with or without weapons, mastered at the individual level.

What are martial arts, what is the history of these sports and who were their promoters? -
It can be said about “martial arts”, that they existed throughout the entire history of mankind. Let’s not forget that from the time of the Olympics we have a legacy of an art, which in modern times we call boxing, as well as the famous Greco-Roman wrestling, modified into less protective wrestling, which in Romanians were known as slamming. It is worth remembering the famous dance of the executioners, which denotes the transformation of a system of fighting, with the sword, into a dance.

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We can also mention the customs of the people of Oseni and Morosheni to carry knives. It can be said that there is still an oral transmission of some combat techniques with this weapon. Also, at European level, there must have been similar or different forms of struggle, here is the French savate (year 1790).
Martial arts, in the current sense, generally have oriental origin and involve the search by practitioners for a deeper meaning than simply preparing for a physical confrontation.

Why it's time to talk about martial arts
These goals range from religious aspirations to the simple maintenance of perfect health. Because of the goals pursued by each type of martial art, these are not essentially sports, but the spirit of competition present in some of them and the physical training they entail have led to the inclusion of some (or physical forms of their manifestation) in this category.
In reality, practicing martial arts mainly means developing a higher consciousness, in harmony with the environment and self-control achieved through physical and mental exercises, extensive knowledge of medicine, oriental philosophy, materials technology (for the use of weapons), psychology, etc.
Depending on the strategic principles used, the role given to strength, speed and initiative, martial arts are divided into two main branches (schools): external style and internal style.

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One cannot refer to martial arts (Mars – god of war) in the Eastern sense, without referring to Sun Tzu’s famous Chinese work – The Art of War.

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Currently, there are hundreds of martial arts styles in the world, including:
* Aikido – Japanese (founder of O-Sensei Morihei Ueshiba)
* Baguazhang – Chinese domestic style
* Changquan
* Hapkido – Japanese
* Hon-Do-Ryu – Japanese
* Hwarangdo
* Iai-do – Japanese
* Isshinryu – Japanese
* Jet Kune Do – Chinese (founder Bruce Lee)
* Jiu Jitsu – Japanese
* Judo – Japanese (founder Jigoro Kano)
* Karate do – Japanese
* Kendo – Japanese
* Kobudo – Japanese
* Kung Fu – Chinese
* Kyudo – Japanese
* Nanquan
* Ninjitsu – Japanese
* Quan-ki-do – Vietnamese (founder Pham Xuan Tong)
* Shaolinquan
* Taekwondo – Korean
* Taijiquan – Chinese internal style
* Wing Chun – Chinese
* Wushu – Chinese
* Xingyiquan – Chinese domestic style

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